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1 penny domain and 30$ hosting 25 gb

Discussion in 'Web Hosting Requests' started by isti, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. isti

    isti New Member

    this host clearify.net is offering great ... for only 1 penny a domain and 30$ for hosting 25 gb space.. it looks prety cool.. i havent checked yet ... if anybody have time plz check it and let us knw about it.. i am not sure how r they but hope they will be nice..

    plz check and let us knw :)

    thanx :D
  2. Armory1468

    Armory1468 New Member

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  3. Wajdan

    Wajdan New Member

    3 years ago the web hosting services were so expensive but today you can find a better for very fair prices.
    I hope we do not need to talk about this threaded as it is approximately three years old.

    Best Regards

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