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Amazon Drone

Discussion in 'The Debates' started by HL0000, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. HL0000

    HL0000 New Member

    If you don't know what an Amazon Drone is, watch this: http://www.amazon.com/b?node=8037720011

    It's like a little flying device that will deliver your item from Amazon almost instantly after you place an order. Being a big fan of the Amazon Prime, I'm excited about this new technology though it does raise a serious question: is it safe to deliver stuff in the open air? What if someone shoot it down? What if terrorists would use it to deliver bombs??? Honestly, I think it won't be safe until we actually have flying police cars. lol
  2. Demon_skeith

    Demon_skeith New Member

    I'm not big into a online shopping website using drones, if anything where to happen to it the drone could land somewhere which both the drone and item could be looted.
  3. Joker

    Joker New Member

    Well amazon only allows that to certain items so not anything could be air shipped. They also i believe have cameras around the drone to for one, send data back to Amazon for things like, is it stuck in a tree, or also if someone tries to steal it, it could get their face. They also have GPS positioning on the drones so they know where they are at all times.

    I like their idea, and I think it can work, as long as they roll it out in a good fashion. So like have Amazon trusted customers that have shopped with them use it first for 2-6 months before everyone can use it. That would allow a testing period. The problem I have though is, when it leaves the package, what will stop people from stealing the tiny box or item?
  4. Demon_skeith

    Demon_skeith New Member

    Like I said, I rather have my items shipped by humans where it would be harder to steal items versus hacking a drone and making it crash with none of it's GPS things working.

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