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Are Directories Dead?

Discussion in 'Directories' started by Deathstarr, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. Deathstarr

    Staff Member Administrative Moderator Premium

    With all the new updated from google and how links work now days do you think directories are dead?

    I am afraid to build links in directories because of how they are reviewed by google.
  2. derekuu

    derekuu New Member

    I have not worried about directories in a long time. There are much better ways to get links. Some people tell me, however, that they still try to get listed in directories.
  3. RH-Calvin

    RH-Calvin Member

    Directories are no more important as these websites are considered as spam by Google. These websites are rarely crawled and indexed in search engines.
  4. Jamie75

    Jamie75 New Member

    I should drop the directories, there are better ways, more efficient, so I wouldn't even go there if I were you
  5. Leesajohnson

    Leesajohnson New Member

    There is no use of directories, so you do other SEO activities for better rank.

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