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Are freelance websites driving down the price of webdesign services?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Peaceful, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. Unfortunately, many companies don't see the value of their websites and the power to drive sales. I've seen multimillion dollar medical firms around here that hire some third-rate web designer to create a crappy site, then come to me later and ask how much I would charge to promote their crappy site. It seems my slightly lowered industry rate is still too high, so they end up going back to the crappy developers in the process.
  2. I agree. Freelancers who are willing to get paid that low are really making it much more difficult for professionals to work on good-priced projects. I also wonder how they are able to do so at such a low price. Sometimes, I'm guessing they might be students wanting to expound their portfolio as a preparation for the time that they are ready to charge. However, it's really killing the market and it's a bad way to compete.
  3. t0rnad0

    t0rnad0 Guest

    The amount of stuff you can get for only $5 from the people on Fiverr is crazy. Most of it is complete garbage but if you search around, there's some really good sellers out there. However, I don't think I would ever by web designing services using Fiverr if I needed a professional business website.
  4. diprod

    diprod Guest

    Okay wow! That is super cheap! I think freelance sites are doing that indeed!

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