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Are you good at drawing?

Discussion in 'Graphics' started by dan213, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. dan213

    dan213 New Member

    Hi, I myself am not particularly good at drawing although I would like to be! :) I can draw the odd object and maybe a cartoon character but I'm not as good as I'd like and I would like to be better although it's not something I do very often at all. What about you and drawing? Are you good, can you draw complicated things? Also what's the best thing you have drawn?
  2. khaleel

    khaleel New Member

    Nah I am not good at drawing on paper or on the computer
    But would like to learn
  3. Jay

    Jay New Member

    I'm not an artist, never have been. Musically talented, but never been able to draw!
  4. Mian Bao

    Mian Bao New Member

    I'm a 3d artist. I'm not exactly good at drawing but I do learn how to. Before I start on any projects I need to visualise and draw out so that my plan will flow better. I've picked up painting recently though, it's pretty fun and when I start painting, I usually don't stop for about a few hours!
  5. FTON

    FTON New Member

    I'm good, i always sketch my works before using black pens.
  6. robertson123

    robertson123 New Member

    Yes i am i was very good at drawing in school and i won various competitions and now i do not draw anymore but i miss drawing
  7. Electric Shock

    Electric Shock New Member

    I'm good, but not good enough.
  8. Travis

    Travis New Member

    I draw occasionally usually just cartoon characters though.
  9. Danielle

    Danielle New Member

    I would like to say that I'm pretty okay, but I have not done it in forever! I used to love it, but I'm just so busy all the time that I can't anymore!
  10. Amber

    Amber New Member

    I'm not that good. I would like to think that I could make something for my own blog, but I'm not sure if I would be able to.
  11. web girl

    web girl New Member

    I am pretty good at drawing. I wish that I was better, but I think that everyone says that. Haha.

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