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Cheapest or Best

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by totlebot, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. totlebot

    totlebot New Member

    I just wonder do you guys always pick the cheapest hosting or the best i am not saying that all cheap hosting are stupid and die after couple of weeks but mostly do i just go by the best if i want have my webhosting stand up good :) so cheap host or best quality
  2. domainer50

    domainer50 New Member

    Quality if your running forums and things. But for simple esites, where it wont kill you to be crashed. Defintley cheaper hosting.
  3. navjotjsingh

    navjotjsingh Member

    it depends on your budget as well as purpose for which hosting is required. For large and pro sites go for quality hosting! I am still on cheapest ones though!
  4. Fewski

    Fewski New Member

    I recommend PolurNet... great support and uptime can't be beat. Prices arn't to bad either.
  5. domainer50

    domainer50 New Member

    I have not used them yet, but will defintley look into it.
  6. Fewski

    Fewski New Member

    I would, they are a great company with great people working there.
  7. TopHosting

    TopHosting New Member

    Cheaper.. never think for godsake!! If you really want something then look for the best one. Cheaper will not last and will not satisfy even you get that. But if you get the best quality one then you'll get something more and more better than cheaper. I prefer BEST as quality is everything to me.
  8. WatchOut

    WatchOut New Member

    I would say when i look for host ill look for cheap and good.. I mean somewhere between both would be very nice.
  9. King Liquid

    King Liquid New Member

    Quality, not Quantity. If you want quantity then prepare for your site to keep getting down, but with quality your paying for professional service.
  10. TopHosting

    TopHosting New Member

    well.. it is true that looking at cheap gives any good results at the end. But if you look for the quality then you will get something. That's what the world says.
  11. googoos0ng

    googoos0ng Guest

    I think if you spend some more $ before, less are the risks of having problems later. I'm for quality if i want to make something with quality. If i just want to have fun and don't care about it too much, the cheapest is just fine.
  12. Deathstarr

    Staff Member Administrative Moderator Premium

    Quality over quantity.. ;)
  13. Peaceful

    Peaceful Guest

    My father taught me, nothing in this world is free. The so-called free stuff is never free.

    Even if you apply for an initially free service, expect surprises down the line, aggressive advertising and such.

    If you want reliability, you have to pay something.
  14. jfab

    jfab Guest

    Always go for quality. Never sacrifice the quality of your product or service for something that's cheap. It's not good practice for business to settle for cheap then have a bad quality. However, if you can find some affordable ones and still achieve a good quality for your site then it's all fine and well.
  15. LindaKay

    LindaKay Guest

    Preferably something in the middle. I can't shell out a fortune for the best of the best, and it usually isn't worth it anyway. I wouldn't go with the cheapest, either, though. A fair price for a fair service is OK in my book.
  16. Kellykr09

    Kellykr09 Guest

    I agree with Linda, something in the middle would be best. This way you don't lose out on either side. Plus, there's not much difference from the average ones to the best of the best. Sometimes you may not even need/use the extra perks you're given with the more expensive ones.
  17. sidd230

    sidd230 Guest

    Not the cheapest but the best. I go with that for almost everything. My car, My entertainment, and my web host.
  18. qaximor

    qaximor Guest

    If you are going for a blog small personal website or something that won't require a lot of space then yeah go for the cheapest because it doesnt matter. If you are going to open up a forum or a website that will attract a lot of hits per day then go for the best.
  19. Brad

    Brad Guest

    It depends really. The host I am with is cheap and great. The support is amazing and the overall uptime is 100% and not to mention the amount of great features that I get with the package.

    Overall though, I'd go with quality and not how cheap it is unless you know it is good.
  20. Shamde

    Shamde Guest

    The 'best' would take into account price! You want to get your monies worth, even if that means paying a little extra.

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