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CloudLinux Alternative | BetterLinux

Discussion in 'Servers and Hosting' started by Spetsnaz, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. Spetsnaz

    Spetsnaz New Member

    Introducing BetterLinux!
    Get unprecedented control of your Linux servers & put resource abusers in their place.

    CPU Limits : Set limits per user/process. Supports custom groups.

    I/O Limits :Set disk I/O or IOPS per user/program, including groups. Support for network/virtual files systems (NFS, ISCSI, etc.). Supports all disk I/O schedulers - Yes Deadline!

    Dynamic Limits :CPU and disk I/O throttling. No fixed CPU and I/O limits, unless you want them fixed. Use 100% of your resources.

    MySQL: Smart CPU and I/O controls, Never hassle with MySQL abusers again!

    Smart Controls: Controls for Apache to manage CPU, I/O, network bandwidth, and connections

    Create:Network connection limits per Linux user per port across the entire system.

    Bandwidth:Create per-user-bandwidth limits for Linux users even if they share a single IP address. Finally!

    Monitoring: Intelligent Monitoring! Issue commands based on rules to enforce memory limits, run time and more (lots more)!

    Process Limits: Process limits per user, fork bomb protection, white-list programs from user limits totals.

    Security (new!):prevent users from seeing each others directories and processes regardless of their permission level.

    BetterLinux is only $9/month and works for all Virtualization Type!!!
    It is brand new and was introduced to cPanel during 2012. They got approved and will start selling their product on 2013!
  2. Deathstarr

    Staff Member Administrative Moderator Premium

    I am excited. I think this is better thab cloudlinux
  3. Spetsnaz

    Spetsnaz New Member

    It is in my opinion.
    Right now it's free for 2 months.
  4. cmdr-apollo

    cmdr-apollo New Member

    It looks fantastic on paper, and the 2-month free trial was a real deal setter for me.
    Sounds like a good way to max a serve to its full potential, so even when the free period is over, $9 is a great price for so many features. Thanks for the link, I'll be passing it along.
  5. Licensecart

    Licensecart Certified Distributor

    I'm not a fan of BetterLinux, Steven and Patrick say they don't put security first, which is a big issue if you own a webhosting business. I've always been a fan of CloudLinux though and use it on every server I own. They've also bought out KernelCare now which is a extra but much better than KSplice.
  6. FLDataTeK

    FLDataTeK New Member

    We have been happy with CloudLinux. I am looking forward to KernelCare since Ksplice is no longer available by itself.
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  7. S-Jack

    S-Jack New Member

    I am going to go check them out right now.
  8. sjr2004

    sjr2004 New Member

    I do not use Cloudlinux Byt an contemplating on adding them to my servers.

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