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css editor

Discussion in 'Webmaster Tutorials' started by Tomar, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. Tomar

    Tomar New Member

    Please tell me about css editor
    which is the best one and which one is also free?
    What u use?
  2. OhioTom76

    OhioTom76 Guest

    TopStyle was a relatively popular CSS editor. These days it looks like it's billed more as a HTML and CSS editor. I haven't used it in ages, but I recall it being rather full featured.

  3. Deathstarr

    Staff Member Administrative Moderator Premium

    Im maybe old school, but to edit CSS i use Notepad++ lol
  4. BlueBtl

    BlueBtl Guest

    I use NotePad++ but if I had the spare cash, I would purchase sublime.
  5. SimplySidy

    SimplySidy Guest

    Though I still use Notepad++, I have a different technique. I use Firefox with web-developer toolbar add on which allows me to edit CSS in the Browser. So normally, today, I write most of my CSS on it and then copy paste on the Notepad++ to save as the CSS file.
  6. I have used Notepad++ and I also use Sublime Text 2 now, which is my favourite at the moment, I am just very comfortable with it and its sleekness gives it edge over notepad++.
  7. qaximor

    qaximor Guest

    I use Sublime and I think you should too! It colors each and everything and makes it REALLY REALLY clean when you code. Using notepad or notepad ++ is just too messy! Every pro web designer or coder uses Sublime text so you should too!
  8. BlueBtl

    BlueBtl Guest

    qaximor, Notepad++ has syntax highlighting and allows you to collapse sections (functions and divs) so it is definitely not messy. The only real difference between NotePad++ and sublime is that sublime works on Windows, Mac and linux, and allows for multiple selections, whereas Notepad++ works only on Windows.
  9. +1 ^^ it is right, and if you use it, you'll get to know the difference and actually feel the difference, Sublime gives just far better and superior feel to it than notepad++, everyone should definitely try and see for themselves.
  10. qaximor

    qaximor Guest

    You guys are right I made a mistake. I didn't use Notepad ++ a lot because of how it looks. Comparing it to sublime I preferred sublime because of how it looks grey simple and nice. That's why I went for sublime AND sublime for me is perfect.
  11. BlueBtl

    BlueBtl Guest

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