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Do you have to invest a lot in your website for it to earn much?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Alien, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. Alien

    Alien Guest

    I have often been told that in order to create a website that earns you over a thousand dollars, you have to spend so much money each month on web designers and expensive web hosting and so many other expenses. Is this really true?

    Personally, I do not believe this. I believe that you can spend so little money building a website that will eventually earn you millions in the future. What do you think?
  2. averus

    averus Guest

    Knowledge is the best thing!
    If you know how to build and host a website - you don't need designers.
    Web hosting is pretty cheap these days, so there's that.

    Income depends on your marketing strategy.

    Personally, I used to give banner-space for free to certain companies, just so I could attract others to ask for space. The most I managed to earn through a website (which was no big deal really, just a site about dog food) was about 300$ a month.

    I discontinued it because, over time, it lost popularity and sponsors and income with them.
  3. SeanM

    SeanM Guest

    If you mean monetary investment, then absolutely not, there are hundreds of people earning a steady high paying income online with a blog they set up for free, with absolutely no money from their pocket to start up. You do however need to invest time and energy, also some technical know how is also essential.
  4. Stefan

    Stefan Guest

    The time you invest is much more valuable that the money you invest. It's pointless to pay for advertising if you have no (quality) content. People will just click on the link to your site and leave immediately (and never come back). On the other hand, if you have quality content, people will come by themselves to your website. They might come faster if you pay for some advertising, but I don't see the point.
  5. jfab

    jfab Guest

    I would say yes. The more time, effort and money you invest, I believe that you will see fast results. If you really work hard on something, it's going to pay off really well.
  6. qaximor

    qaximor Guest

    I think as long as you have a unique idea and try to implement it in a really good way would say not that much of money, but of course it depends on the idea is it a huge thing or just a small unique thing that no one did it before and you don't need that much of money to make it happen.
  7. OhioTom76

    OhioTom76 Guest

    One of the main ways you can keep costs down is to learn how to design and build the site yourself, instead of paying people to do that for you. If you know how to do all of that yourself, then your costs are really just your domain and hosting, plus any commercial plugins or scripts you may need.

    Personally, I find one of the biggest costs for me these days is getting quality content for my sites. I can do all the design work, but I don't have the time nor interest to do all the article writing for it.
  8. Brad

    Brad Guest

    Not always. I had a site a while ago which I invested $0 into and I earned quite a bit back.
  9. diprod

    diprod Guest

    It depends. If you think it's worth it to invest on it that much then I say do it. It will grow eventually.
  10. jubvman

    jubvman Guest

    I don't think you do.. I started my first website a few months ago and I'm already getting several hundred visitors a month, plus I've got accepted into adsense already! I use a free WP theme (although I did donate a small amount to get premium support), my domain costs me around £10 a year and hosting is around £60 a year with privacy enabled.

    If you want to do things fast and do all that SEO stuff, that can get quite expensive if you outsource the work. There is no need for fancy graphics though if it's a new site.
  11. bauss

    bauss Guest

    I've invested about $300-$400 into my site at the moment, and I'm not done. You need to spend money to make money right?
  12. Delusional

    Delusional Guest

    Yes and no. You need hosting and a domain name. That's maybe $10 for a year if you get a cheap host (which doesn't mean less reliable). After that you just need A LOT of time to write posts and attract some people. This really takes a long time and time is money so in a way it takes a lot of money.
  13. despicable

    despicable Guest

    As most of opinions, I haven't had much profit, well not enough to call it "profit".
    As the website grew its maintenance, staff and other expenses mostly devoured the extra money my niche gave back to me. However I was in a pretty saturated niche (Online Gaming). So it will be a bit tough to get good earnings.
    So yeah, in short, find a good niche you are good at and can put your knowledge and expertise in, then invest, invest, invest, and earn!

    So, yeah, in short, your investment depends on the niche you are. In my case, initial investments are very high, especially when you have plans of expansion.
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2014
  14. sidd230

    sidd230 Guest

    Investing only money won't get you anywhere. The real thing you need to invest in is time. Once it starts rolling, all will be worth it.
  15. oxpaulo

    oxpaulo Guest

    If you're a good writer then 10 dollars for a domain is enough of an investment. If not and you want to run a store or something then you will need a marketing budget and just do a lot of research to find what's best for you.
  16. Agreed. Time and lots of effort and the sort of effort involved is quality effort.

    For example, if you want to build up a blog, make sure your stories are useful or at least debatable with room for discussion and compromise. Make your content consistent in terms of format and persistence. Keep it on topic. Many blogs try to cover everything at the beginning. Don't do this. Expand on it later when you get a gradual number of returning visitors.
  17. I would think that you would have to spend a lot on content, not much on designers. Design is ok, you just need to start with the basics and you're more or less good to go. However, content is really really important and if you don't invest on this, there's no way that you will get the traffic level that you need to earn.
  18. t0rnad0

    t0rnad0 Guest

    When you're first starting out I think you should focus more on making sure your content is high quality. Don't worry about trying to make a flashy website because that's not going to keep people coming back.
  19. averus

    averus Guest

    I agree with @t0rnad0
    As I've said before - the content is the most important thing on a site.
    If you attract visitors, you'll get a steady income sooner or later ;)
  20. Vash

    Vash Guest

    I disagree with those who think they can make a great web site for "free".
    The least you will spend on is the domain registration, and the hosting. No great web site is hosted by some free services. You need some reliable hosting plans from reputable companies, and they are not free. Just the two things I just mentioned would cost you at least $100 a year.

    Then it comes down to the web design. Unless you are a very skillful web designers, you will need help to make your web site look professional. It will cost money whether you buy theme/template or have someone to customize it for you.

    You can certainly minimize the cost by go through the learning curve yourself, but it take a lot of time and effort before you are an expert on web design.

    Yes, a web site can succeed without you putting a lot of money, but at what cost? The time! If you start with almost nothing (very little money and very little knowledge), it will take many years before your web site get off the ground and make something decent. If you are willing to throw more money into it, it will cut down the development time and make your web site succeed quicker.

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