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Do you play games on your PC?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by armarasrar, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. armarasrar

    armarasrar New Member

    Hi Friends Just tell me frankly Whether you play games on your PC and For me Yeah I like to play games on My PC Earlier but now i left that because not interested any more but sometimes i do play but it is very rare occasion
  2. aiman

    aiman New Member

    Well i dont play games on my pc i was playing it earlier but now i dont play games.
  3. Karolina

    Karolina New Member

    So, I like play games on my computer. My favorit are Fable, cs and Runes of Magic
  4. armarasrar

    armarasrar New Member

    @karolina Its nice to hear from you and can you tell me what types of games are those??
  5. Timid Creations

    Timid Creations New Member

    Yep, I like to play games on my PC. I only play Minecraft, Counter-Strike: Source, and COD4 though :)
  6. armarasrar

    armarasrar New Member

    Hey wait i am hearing this Mine craft every where so now tell me what is mine craft
  7. Morgus

    Morgus New Member

    Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. At night monsters come out, so you need to build a shelter before that happens.
  8. Seyonne

    Seyonne New Member

    I like playing games on my PC ;) Every day i play at least 1 hour
  9. rafiag

    rafiag New Member

    yeah,i play pc game

    i only play pro evolution soccer 6 and counter strike
  10. skalamgirrockey

    skalamgirrockey New Member

    ACtually i love to do everything xcept playing game,i like to watch movie working project but i hate to playing because it's so harmful for laptop.
  11. clemotz661

    clemotz661 New Member

    .I always play games on my pc,,
    .I play Counter Strike NST, NFS Most Wanted , GTA San Andreas and Wnning Eleven 9 , , :D
  12. Mish

    Mish New Member

    Sometimes, prefer playing games on console bigger screen. I only have a small laptop.
  13. amin

    amin New Member

    i don't play game in my pc. i can make another activity with my pc rather than play game. it is wasting my time...
  14. buyogv

    buyogv New Member

    Yes of course. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 and GTA IV is my favorite game :D
  15. Tall Ace

    Tall Ace New Member

    Moving this to computer gaming.
  16. agunksupra

    agunksupra New Member

    yuos,i play games on my PC when iam boring with my work.ut can make me relaks and i enjoy it.
  17. nanang

    nanang New Member

    So, I like play games on my computer. My favorit are Winning Eleven, Counter Strike and and Need For speed

    sometime, I also love to play Plants vs. Zombies game
  18. inamnilawar

    inamnilawar New Member

    no i m not playing games on my pc but my brothers and sisters are playing games and i use to watched it
  19. emzal

    emzal New Member

    well, i used to play in console a lot but recently i updated my PC hardware and i find that PC game's more exciting, i play many PC games now
    too bad there's a few games that i would really love to play on PC but it's only for console
    now i can't really wait to play Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, hope it'll be released soon
  20. armarasrar

    armarasrar New Member

    Thanks for the reply can you tell me what type of game is "Winning Eleven 9"

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