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Do you play games on your PC?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by armarasrar, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. emzal

    emzal New Member

    I can't believe you don't know Winning eleven 9..it's the best football games but now it changes name to Pro evolution soccer
  2. Milkboat

    Milkboat New Member

    Wait...so you went into the Computer Gaming section of the forum and then asked if people played games on their PC? I wonder what the answers will be!
  3. yanzrebel

    yanzrebel New Member

    sorry guys, i dont like game is pc, but i used game this relaxing?how about you guyz??
  4. piecakez

    piecakez New Member

    Yeah, i always play games on my computer like RuneScape, F.E.A.R. combat and much more.
  5. darkvadeth

    darkvadeth New Member

    Sadly my computer is dying and damn I can't play a single thing on my computer except for flash games...I have to admit flash games are also addictive lmao!However at the end of the year if I get good results for my examination,I'll probably ask for a laptop or something to suffice my gaming addiction that I once used to have!I'm probably going to throw this old piece of crap out of the window and see it crash!
  6. emzal

    emzal New Member

    LoL i just realized it too, i guess it's strange to asked things so obvious like that :D
  7. MrToxicCodes

    MrToxicCodes New Member

    I play video games every day. I have a total of 2,070 games. that was donated. Or given to me for a reason. So i play lots of games.
  8. FTON

    FTON New Member

    I used to play them on the computer. Now i don't play anymore.
  9. BOSS

    BOSS New Member

    My computer get's very slow so nah however i was a mystic fan of them once ;)
  10. 3DWaffle1

    3DWaffle1 New Member

    I play many games on my PC. I spend a lot of times on it too. I play Starcraft 2, World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, The Sims 3, Call of Duty, Counter Strike and Many others.
  11. zonfibra

    zonfibra New Member

    Yes i do play, cs, GTA
  12. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Yes i do play games in PC and my most played game is Counterstrike 1.6
  13. winrar

    winrar New Member

    I sometimes play game on my laptop and those include Fifa and sometimes Flatout 2.
  14. robertson123

    robertson123 New Member

    I don't play PC games i play games on my games consoles but i do like to play emulated games and fan made games on my pc
  15. jacktheking

    jacktheking New Member

    Yes, ofcouse why not? PC is a great system to play large and fun games!:)
  16. Cleopatra

    Cleopatra New Member

    I used to play a lot of games on my PC
    Like tycoon games
    And hide and detective games
    But now I don't have much time for it
  17. NecroWolf

    NecroWolf New Member

    Of course, why would you play them on anything else?
  18. Wiseone.search

    Wiseone.search New Member

    One a rare occasion, I might download a free rpg that looks interesting. For the most part they end up asking you to buy updates. That is why I usually just stick to my video games console, and use the computer for other activities. For the most part there aren't many games on the computer, that can't be bought for a video game console. I find it more hardware friendly to separate the two as well.
  19. The Tech Guy

    The Tech Guy New Member

    I play games on my PS3 and my Tablet currently no PC :p
  20. HL0000

    HL0000 New Member

    I bought a new gaming PC just to play The Elder Scroll Beta and guess what, the game is FANTASTIC though of course there's still room to improve. I also got the very first Bioshock for free through Gamefly though it was way too dark on my screen it gave me a headache every time so I stopped.

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