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Do you think VBulletin is worth the cost

Discussion in 'Forum Software' started by Kristian Keefer, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. Kristian Keefer

    Kristian Keefer New Member

    I know you need to pay for VBulletin and there are many free forum software packages. But do you think it is worth paying for? I do. I love that you can set up everything from forums and blogs to calendars, groups and even image collections. There are options to work on desktops/laptops and mobile devices. It really is not all that difficult to use. I think it can create a more professional forum than some other options.
  2. kmpisces

    kmpisces New Member

    I personally do not think it is. There are some really great programs you can use that you do not have to pay for. I find that most work very well and allow you to have a really good presentation.

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