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Does SEO work?

Discussion in 'SEO/ Search Engine Related Discussion' started by Travis@SSS, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Travis@SSS

    Travis@SSS New Member

    We offer SEO hosting to several sites but still curious, has SEO worked for you?
  2. Deathstarr

    Staff Member Administrative Moderator Premium

    Yes ofcourse it does. Backlinks and advertisement are only what i consider to be the effective part of SEO.
  3. Sackler

    Sackler New Member

    O yah? Do not also forget pinging and submissions and other quality of the content delivered. Quite essential actually in securing and maintaining a decent rank.
  4. Sovereign

    Sovereign New Member

    Also depends on you're niche and you're dedication to the website. SEO has worked for me, you just need to do right and have a unique niche. Patience is the key, success is the lock.
  5. bosconian

    bosconian New Member

    SEO does work but it is something that does not came easy. You have to work hard to get any benefit from it. My recommendation is that you create unique and useful content for your site and try to get as many backlinks as you can from sites that have hight PR. To do this you can join forums on your niche and put a link for your site on your comments (but of course those comments have to be good and the link has to be there for a good reason). That's what works the best for me.
  6. carlalexander

    carlalexander New Member

    SEO definitely does work, I mean, you don't really expect to just come up with a website and expect it to rank 1st in Google ranking do you?
  7. Deathstarr

    Staff Member Administrative Moderator Premium

    @carlalexander - If the site is good enough, yes... yes I do.
  8. francis675

    francis675 New Member

    Excuse my ignorance, but what do you mean by "SEO hosting"? I have worked in SEO for 5 years and it definitely works (if by "works", you mean helps to bring in more site visitors and more sales/monetization).
  9. ConfabIt

    ConfabIt New Member

    Well I'm completely new to the whole concept and for me I haven't really seen any noticeable difference to traffic etc on my site; pretty much everyone on my forum joined through word-of-mouth advertisements, and I think one member joined by misspelling a word in a search engine. :p

    We've got about 900+ backlinks to our site but they're on these directory sites, so whether or not that's of any benefit remains to be unseen.
  10. mspatt

    mspatt New Member

    Yes it does, but its not all about backlinks like many people think. In fact Google is trying to get away from this as people have been abusing it and getting links from loads of sites quickly and automatically thats why they have been releasing many different updates to their algorithm to stop people exploiting.
  11. Collin1000

    Collin1000 New Member

    What happened to writing good content in the first place?

    SEO 'trickery' makes up about 10% of the formula. The rest of the formula is about writing good content that users want to find in the first place. If you don't have useful, unique, quality content, Google will punish you in one way or other. Content is king.
  12. Deathstarr

    Staff Member Administrative Moderator Premium

    @Collin1000 - Often I find that there are very few sites with good content left and google skips over most of those. I'd prefer if google had some way to detect quality, but that'd be hard if not impossible.
  13. mippxy

    mippxy New Member

    I like to think of it in this way:

    Good marketing is what makes people come to your site (this includes SEO).
    Good content is what makes people stay on your site, and come back tomorrow.
  14. jean

    jean New Member

    SEO works for me chiefly through:
    1. Good and quality content, written specifically to attract targeted visitors and bring them back on the page as soon as possible. Writing a series of articles in an interesting manner and with sufficient percentage of keywords embedded in the article brings organic traffic from search engines.

    2. Pinging: Pinging to good amount of sites, especially social networking sites and those sites that have heavy daily traffic will help traffic to your site. A good title will build up interest among the readers on those sites.

    3. Link-building: Getting quality backlinks is a must. Building backlinks using anchor texts will help bring targeted traffic. I write technical comments as well as good general comments keeping in-line with the theme of the main article post, and use an anchor-text-link to my related webpage. This is a hard job, but the targeted traffic that I get from these is high-quality.

    There are other SEO-related methods that I use.
  15. AmazingUniverse

    AmazingUniverse New Member

    Search Engine Optimization can work but what many companies and individuals charge, is over-priced, big-time. What they do, if you have the time, you can do for yourself, for your own business. I've seen companies like AT&T charge exorbitant monthly rates to individuals (one lady in particular that I know of, because I took over optimizing her site) and didn't promote their business at all. I charged her a fourth of what she was being charged and in a matter of a few months, her Alexa rank improved dramatically.
  16. Stockgenius

    Stockgenius New Member

    I agree with you. SEO can be a simple process once you understand the basics of it. Since there are so many SEO companies around, there are bound to be some inept companies.

    I do believe SEO works, but it will not beat quality content even after extensive SEO and social marketing. A quality content can go viral quickly without much marketing if it is deemed excellent by viewers.
  17. redsky

    redsky New Member

    Yes of course. Build those back links baby. Make sure you are getting do follow links and .edu back links are great too.

    This is the best way to raise your page rank and I believe google updates their serps every 3 weeks. So like I said focus on 'do follow' back links from high PR sites and .edu sites.

  18. dannyboy

    dannyboy New Member

    SEO works, but you have to have a intricate understanding of how it works. I think the best thing anyone can do when then get involved with something like this is to watch some webinar and other videos on it. Youtube is where it is at people. You can find videos of experts explaining what to do and what not to do. Here are some links.


  19. JohnWayne

    JohnWayne New Member

    I am not too sure about the effects of my backlinks since most of them are nofollow and not quality ones. However, after I did some on-page optimizations for keyword density etc. for a few of my articles, I have definitely seen a raise in SERP for these articles.

    Right now some of my articles are on page one or page two for their main keywords or related keyphrases. So I believe in keyword density at least. :) But of course, we can't overdo it with keyword density. I always think about the readers first. So whatever density I use for certain keywords, I always make sure it's still good content for human eyes.
  20. ozadin

    ozadin New Member

    Yes, how else do websites get their placing on Google? They manage their keywords professionally, they have sources of traffic like backlinking, and advertisement, and many others!

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