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Does SEO work?

Discussion in 'SEO/ Search Engine Related Discussion' started by Travis@SSS, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. aditk8149

    aditk8149 Guest

    Yes, SEO has added a very nice value to my site.
    It is very important as far as quality visitors for a long time are concerned.
    I think, the trick is to stay updated with the SEO techniques around.
  2. bauss

    bauss New Member

    I get over 50% traffic from search engines, because of the SEO I've done on my site. It takes time to get to that point, but if you're patient and doing good SEO it can work very well.
  3. carlalexander

    carlalexander New Member

    There is no time SEO has ever failed to work if used correctly. Use it wrongly and it will not only work, but it will punish you as well in a way that you will not forget any time soon. So yes, SEO works.
  4. Horus

    Horus New Member

    Of course it works! But you should know what you're doing if you're attempting SEO.
    Make sure your content is unique and high quality if you're attempting it. I use textun.com for my writing needs when I'm doing SEO marketing.
  5. mehrunnisa

    mehrunnisa New Member

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  6. wins sol

    wins sol New Member

    yes SEO work very well.
  7. Kamarcach

    Kamarcach New Member

    Whatever I said in the other thread is my answer, sorry but not gonna waste my time going over it all again and again. Plus Im no longer working as a moderator as such.
  8. Freya009

    Freya009 New Member

    Yes definitely, but it needs the right approach and patience. The first step to the success of SEO is quality content.

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