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European companies (domain registration)> What are they?

Discussion in 'Domain Names' started by Rocky Marchiano, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. Rocky Marchiano

    Rocky Marchiano New Member

    I wanna make a notion of the market on the best and most reliable companies located in Europe as I need to register some .eu, .co.uk and .uk domains... Besides, I need 5GB space and 50GB bandwidth to host few web sites.
    7host.com was recommended to me a good option.
    I don't know anything about them.

    Can you tell me about them? Can I give them a try?

    What other companies do you know which located in Europe?
  2. monique

    monique New Member

    Well the most obvious companyto ge domain names in Europe is eurodns.com. They have all the domains you have named and much more, always offering huge discounts for various domains and some of thema re active right now, so go visit their site to ge to know if they can help you!
  3. friske

    friske New Member

    I respect eurodns domain registrar and use their services always when I need to reg my domains with a dependabler and reliable company.
    Many discounts are available from them.
  4. re_verse

    re_verse New Member

    I think eurodns is the best domain registrar which provides cheap domain registration services.
    Many lovely discounts are available ferom them with some free hsoting services.
  5. Costdzu

    Costdzu New Member

    It seems to me that it will be reasonable to register domains via the company that has many accreditations and Eurodns.com will be the best option if you are looking reliable domain name registrar.
    I have found nice discounts on their web site: http://www.eurodns.com/offers/
  6. Mtcork

    Mtcork New Member

    If I were you, I would order hosting services at 7host.com and register domain names via Eurodns.com... These companies have exceptionally good reputation in the market and you will have nice experience dealing with them.
    Don't put the eggs in one basket!
  7. Jessy=>>

    Jessy=>> New Member

    Just wanna to provide you with some additional information.
    7Host Data Center is located in Naples, Italy and is connected to the Internet thru redundant, multi Gigabit links.
    The company is well-known for providing quality website hosting services in Europe.
  8. Andeano

    Andeano New Member

    Many hosts also provide registration for domains and hosting in Europe. May suggest considering ch-center.com
  9. eurodns.com is the one I can recommend for you right now.
  10. Peaceful

    Peaceful Guest

  11. googoos0ng

    googoos0ng Guest

    I agree with you. I live in Italy 7Host is considered one of the most reliable companies for hosting services. For registering i recommend Eurodns.com too, you can find on it also some interesting offers!!
  12. flossly

    flossly Guest

    I use www.mrdomain.com, based on Spain.
    Their control panel is great and prices is competitive.
    And they have many choice to choose from, even for unpopular extensions.

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