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Favorite Browser

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Gamrpro, May 30, 2011.

  1. Gamrpro

    Gamrpro New Member

    What browser do you think is your favorite? Is it because of the add-ons? Maybe because of the User interface?

    My favorite browser would be Firefox because of the add-ons.
  2. lockirawr

    lockirawr New Member

    Google Chrome. It's just simply faster than most browsers. Firefox keeps updating and has so many beta testings. It also freezes on me. They just keep adding more and more that it's slowing down. Internet explorer just sucks. Period. Any other browser is just a cheap knock off of firefox.
  3. RTECH

    RTECH New Member

    Agree with lockirawr. I switched from Firefox to Chrome and it is much faster. The addons aren't as expansive but you can certainly have what you need. I can't use Firefox anymore because Chrome spoils me with speed.
  4. Jay

    Jay New Member

    I hate Chrome, so much it's almost untrue.

    I've always been a Firefox man, always will be!
  5. Sefrotox

    Sefrotox New Member

    I have been using FireFox for many years. When I was very VERY new to computers I used Internet Explorer. But that did not last long as I soon began getting into the Web Dev world and found out how ridiculous the IE rendering engine is. IE has always been bad like that. Though with the newest release, IE 9, it is quite a bit better.

    As for Chrome, I really like it too. It ranks under FF for me. It is, indeed fast.
  6. Jay

    Jay New Member

    IE has always been a bad choice of browser. Although, it was voted the best browser online to download other browsers ;)
  7. Mian Bao

    Mian Bao New Member

    Haha. I've always hated Chrome too, I've tried it once and I really hated it. I'm a big fan of firefox, I even keep a portable version in my thumbdrive so I can use it when I'm outside.
    I don't really like I.E. although I use it sometimes, just so I can log into 2 emails at once.
  8. AllHostOne.co.uk

    AllHostOne.co.uk New Member

    Firefox all the way, no doubt about it , although i've tried out their recent and new version of Firefox 4.0 , Didnt like it so i reverted back to 3.6.4 which im comfortable with and love it :)
  9. Killnon2

    Killnon2 New Member

    My favorite browser would have to be Google Chrome simply because of how fast it is. I use Chrome on my Mac, but not on my PC. Internet Explorer is perfectly fine on my PC, but every now and then I use safari on my Mac still.
  10. Econox

    Econox New Member

    I really enjoy using firefox, though there was a point when FireFox 4 came out and it gave me a bunch of issues (particularly freezing issues). During that time, I switched to chrome and appreciated it much more. But now since a new update came out, I'm back to using Firefox and the add-ons I've come to really enjoy over the years.
  11. AmazingP

    AmazingP New Member

    As to browser, I am using both Chrome and Firefox interchangeably. They both have great add-ons which are so convenient to use anytime. Chrome is still lighter to use. In fact, Firefox can take a little more time to load. But still, I am not yet saying goodbye to Firefox.
  12. Ace

    Ace New Member


    What browser do you use and which one do you like the most?

    I like firefox and i am currently using it. It is amazing and i think is the best browser.
  13. RTECH

    RTECH New Member


    I have to disagree with you, I prefer Google Chrome overall. It is much faster than Firefox and you can get similar extensions. I can't use Firefox the way I used to, but I still uses it a few times a week
  14. moneymakingmom

    moneymakingmom New Member

    Chrome has never worked on either one of my computers. In fact, I had to uninstall Chrome the other day, just so it would stop hogging up my limited computer hard drive. Then, I made the mistake of downloading again cause Firefox was experiencing glitches all Monday and would not go online. Chrome seems to be working alright now, but I'm still more of a Firefox fan. Anyway, Rockmelt browser is actually a better version of Chrome.
  15. khaleel

    khaleel New Member

    I love chrome as its quick to use
  16. AssignmentA

    AssignmentA New Member

    I like Google Chrome the most because its basic and fast :)
  17. RTECH

    RTECH New Member

    How do I like a post?
  18. AllHostOne.co.uk

    AllHostOne.co.uk New Member

    We dont have a like system yet ;)
  19. Jay

    Jay New Member

    No like system, I may install one though :D
  20. Jonathan

    Jonathan New Member

    Chrome - there was no Chrome browser field at registration; you should work on that, Jay ;)

    It's much quicker to open and load pages than other supported browsers, and does the job nicely. It's also, in my experience, far more compatible with a range of different websites.

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