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Favorite Browser

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Gamrpro, May 30, 2011.

  1. GuyS

    GuyS New Member

    RE: Favorite Browser ?

    Mozilla firefox.

    I don't like IE anymore. Doesn't like our computer's. But it's not the PC. Mozilla is quick for me. I can have four browsers open at once and my computer never slows down.
    Google chrome is nice too.
  2. Vulk

    Vulk New Member

    I use Opera. Never have I ever tried Chrome. I dont like Google.
  3. Electric Shock

    Electric Shock New Member

    I always use Firefox for most occasions. Browsing, posting, watching videos etc.

    Chrome is only for experimental issues. Like is a piece of code by me works on the other popular browser or not.
  4. Zandalari23

    Zandalari23 New Member

    Firefox is my favorite. I fianally stated using it after moving rom Netscape.
  5. robertson123

    robertson123 New Member

    I used to use FireFox myself but when Google Chrome came out that was it ive stuck with it because i think its faster
  6. FTON

    FTON New Member

    I'm a firefox fan, i use Maxthon3 sometimes.
  7. Deathstarr

    Staff Member Administrative Moderator Premium

    Another Maxthon user? Never seen one. I use it for a few alt accounts I have at places.
  8. Toxique

    Toxique New Member

    I am in love with firefox, I have used chrome and IE and I think they are ok, I have just been using firefox for so long that I can't give it up.
  9. xX BarrowMad Xx

    xX BarrowMad Xx New Member

    Its has to be FireFox for me, the addons are great! :D
  10. Electric Shock

    Electric Shock New Member

  11. goodboy133

    goodboy133 New Member

    You do realize it's spamming, right? :p
    Good one mate, I knew that Firefox always had the upper hand :)
  12. FTON

    FTON New Member

    It's a great browser! With a built-in video downloader.
  13. Jimmy

    Jimmy New Member

    Google Chrome is best.
  14. KMRock

    KMRock New Member

    Easily chrome. No competition here.
  15. Toxique

    Toxique New Member

    I don't know how people can stand using internet explorer still, That thing is so slow
  16. Fear

    Fear New Member

    I use Firefox. Its fast, and very stable for me!
  17. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Firefox , lot of addons and customization. A brilliant browser
  18. FTON

    FTON New Member

    I think Torch will compete with it, it has Built-in Media downloder, torrent manager and a share button.
  19. Deathstarr

    Staff Member Administrative Moderator Premium

    Never heard of it. Downloading it now to give it a try out. :mask2:

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