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Favorite Browser

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Gamrpro, May 30, 2011.

  1. Toxique

    Toxique New Member

    Internet Explorer is by far the best.
  2. Deathstarr

    Staff Member Administrative Moderator Premium

    Please be joking. If you are a bit :goofy: then yes.
  3. simlink

    simlink New Member

    Chrome! And if a site doesn`t work in Chrome I use IE. Can`t stand FF, it worked poorly when I used it, mind you that was pre-"release number increasing at exponential rate" era FF is currently in. :p
  4. MeshCollider

    MeshCollider New Member

    I like chrome because of its speed and clean interface. I like Firefox because of its add on compatability, and I like tor because of its anonymity.
  5. BOSS

    BOSS New Member

    Chrome, most fast. Over em all.
  6. Seth

    Seth New Member

    I personally love Chrome the most. I think that it's the best one out there right now. I don't think that anything will ever compare to it.
  7. Jamie75

    Jamie75 New Member

    Most deffinitly google chrome, I am used to it, and it works so much better and quicker then the rest

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