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Forum Posting! Good for Traffic or not?

Discussion in 'SEO/ Search Engine Related Discussion' started by Costdzu, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. Costdzu

    Costdzu New Member

    Guys, I have a forum discussion board about online shoppings and all things about this staff.
    The reason for my request is that I need some advices on traffic increase. erm... one of my friends recommended me paidforumposting.com services. still not sure to trust them or not.
    Is forum posting helpful in terms of getting more traffic? What can you say about their writers?
  2. Dang Linh

    Dang Linh New Member

    Traffic from forums is good for the website. I do not care about the amount of backlinks, only interested in the amount of traffic from forum posting and return traffic
  3. chris grigg

    chris grigg
    Staff Member Administrative

    When you build trust and relationships with others on forums, it can really help you out. People will trust your services if they trust you as a person.
  4. mackenzielaffer

    mackenzielaffer New Member

    Forums paid marketing is sooper cool ides about Content marketing and back links creation , Because first of all Forums increase User engagement then website traffics generate Plus point if you put signature target keywords you will get both benefits organically rank keywords plus website traffics.
  5. Seth

    Seth New Member

    If you were able to get a decent amount of people then I would think that it would help out your page a good amount.
  6. RH-Calvin

    RH-Calvin Member

    Forum posting helps to generate good traffic for your website. They offer both do follow and no follow backlinks from signature to redirect traffic to your website.
  7. Kristian Keefer

    Kristian Keefer New Member

    Most paid forum programs are designed to help you build content on your website. It is also intended to help a forum look more active. Some really great content could potentially help you get more traffic. And an active looking site with fresh posts will help you retain those who are already there.
  8. cloudcone

    cloudcone New Member

    Yes forum posting is definitely good since it helps you capture your niche

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