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FREE Domain - DiscussPoker.info

Discussion in 'Free Resources' started by Fewski, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Fewski

    Fewski New Member

    Going through some old domains, and found on that just expired a few days ago.

    It's registered at DomainSite, so I'm not sure if I can push it or not when it's expired.

    The domain is: DiscussPoker.info

    If you would like it, let me know your details and I'll try to push it to you.

  2. siren

    siren New Member

    Unfortunately since its expired I dont think you can transfer the name, unless of course you renew it!
  3. Fewski

    Fewski New Member

    It's already been taken... it was succesfully pushed to their account also... so I guess DomainSite does allow expired domains to be pushed. I just found that out when I tryed.
  4. ahsan16

    ahsan16 New Member

    Fewski That was a great try. Even it is expiring. Thanks for it.
  5. Fewski

    Fewski New Member

    Not a problem, just hope the one person I donated it to will use it right.
  6. Deaol

    Deaol New Member

    Not a bad name, and yes you can push if it has expired and within the deletion period.
  7. Tomar

    Tomar New Member

    Fewski you seems to be very exprinced with domain names!

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