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Free Vintage Images for Blogs and Clip Art

Discussion in 'Free Resources' started by zestytomato, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. zestytomato

    zestytomato Guest

    The Graphics Fairy is a blog that mostly caters to crafters, but I think anyone who likes vintage pictures and art should try and use this as a resource. There's a lot of unique vintage graphis that you can find there, and they also have links to neat fonts you can use as well.

    The best part is that everything is free on that site, but they do have a couple rules. One of those rules is that you cannot use more than 6 of their graphics on a single page of your blog or website. There's also the fact that all their images are in .jpg, so you'll have to go through some additional work to make it .png if you like transparent images. Despite those two downsides I highly recommend trying out this site if you like vintage graphics.
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  2. BlueBtl

    BlueBtl Guest

    Thanks for the link Zezty!

    My go-to place for vintage images is http://www.vintagevectors.com/
    Each image has its own licensing info, but most are free to use, even for commercial use.
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  3. zestytomato

    zestytomato Guest

    Oh, cool! Thanks for sharing a link as well! I'm currently browsing the site, and some of the border packs look pretty sweet.
  4. Shamde

    Shamde Guest

    Free graphics are always sweet. Thanks to both of you. I wish I had something to share too :(
  5. LaurenGrey

    LaurenGrey Guest

    Just want to extend a thank you to both that shared their sites for free graphics. On the side I love to do digital collage work and I'm always on the lookout for some great fundemental graphics that I can use just in my personal artwork. I found these resources to be a really good source for some very neat inspirational pieces and usable graphics. Thanks again!

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