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GIMP or photoshop

Discussion in 'Graphics' started by Ace, May 31, 2011.

  1. Ace

    Ace New Member

    What do you prefer GIMP or photoshop?

    Price and features wise, GIMP but only feature wise, photoshop. Anyways, both are good.
  2. Trance

    Trance New Member

    I use Photoshop only. It is good and easy to use. I tried GIMP but it had very messy UI so I didn't like it. Photoshop might be expensive, but when you have good connections with specific people, you'll get it for free :)

    But use PS, not GIMP.

  3. fardeenc95

    fardeenc95 New Member

    I agree with you to a certain extent. Photoshop is probably the better suited GFX program than GIMP but it is pretty expensive for an average person to get so GIMP provides an excellent alternative, being free and almost having all the features of Photoshop. The only down side of the switching to or starting to use GIMP is the GUI and the commands, which take some time getting used to as they are completely different than other GFX programs. Both of them are good in their own ways.
  4. RTECH

    RTECH New Member

    I use photoshop. I tried to get gimp before I bought it but it didn't open. When ever I clicked on it nothing would happen. I can't compare the features because I have only used one.
  5. moneymakingmom

    moneymakingmom New Member

    I don't use Photoshop cause it's way out of my budget. I won't even download the free trial, cause once I get used to the program, i'm sure I will want to buy it. I've used GIMP before and know other people who really like it. But, to me, the program is very complicated. When I'm doing an art based project with my photos, I would prefer to use Ultimate Paint or Twisted Brush the free versions, cause they give me many options and are more designed for artists rather than photographers.
  6. AllHostOne.co.uk

    AllHostOne.co.uk New Member

    Although im not exactly great with PS i do prefer it because it is very useful, i am able to edit some stuff but not all and it also has millions of options to :D
  7. Mian Bao

    Mian Bao New Member

    I've tried GIMP and I still prefer photoshop though. There are ways to get photoshop free but in the end if you're making money using photoshop it's illegal and you can get caught.
  8. khaleel

    khaleel New Member

    I prefer photoshop as it is more user friendly(to me)
  9. Jonathan

    Jonathan New Member

    Used GIMP for a few years, and made a move to PhotoShop. I prefer PhotoShop but they're actually surprisingly close in what you can do with them.
  10. TheNavigator

    TheNavigator New Member

    I use free photoshop, sometimes I make money through it and noone caught me :p

    Come on... 1000$ is EXTREMELY too much for a GFX program! That's like 9 months salary for someone here in Egypt..

    They have to decrease it to something reasonable..
  11. Jonathan

    Jonathan New Member

    Regrettably perhaps, Navigator, most people don't buy PhotoShop :p
  12. TheNavigator

    TheNavigator New Member

    Yea... "regrettably"..

    I know hacking.. I hate to use it but sometimes I HAVE to use it.. Like an idiot who own a website.. You go there and login and oops! Wrong password =.=

    Forget password is not working, so hack into it and change password.. But that's very hard in phpBB.. Very secured..

    Most hackers don't hack "just for fun" like people that make viruses and so (apart from viruses made by companies), they hack because there's noway else to do it except that way..

    For example that PS thing..
  13. dan213

    dan213 New Member

    I use Photoshop Elements. It's quite basic compared to Elements now (Elements 9) but it does the trick and I can produce some real nice graphics (well in my opinion I do :)). I've used GIMP but it was complex to get use to and wasn't capable of what I wanted to achieve.
  14. FTON

    FTON New Member

    I use Gimp, it's Great and user Friendly.

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