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Graphics: Are you good?

Discussion in 'Graphics' started by dan213, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. dan213

    dan213 New Member

    Hi, do you think that you are good or skilled at making graphics on the computer? I'm a web designer so I have to be the best I can and at times it is hard to get something just right but working hard and testing out things really helps. Do you think that you are good or do you think you're bad at graphics. Certainly having a good program helps like Photoshop.
  2. FTON

    FTON New Member

    Not very good with it, i'm still learning.
  3. BOSS

    BOSS New Member

    Well i started learning for a month but then don't know why or what my excitement of graphics went an i started to like what you would say do it very less, as for now i don't do it at all.
  4. Travis

    Travis New Member

    I use them every now and then i would not say im good but im a decent graphics guy.
  5. Electric Shock

    Electric Shock New Member

    I am quite average one, like simple graphics and all. I don't simply mess really badly with renders and sketches.

    I never actually intend to as well.
  6. BOSS

    BOSS New Member

    You are great at it dude :brb:
  7. Toxique

    Toxique New Member

    I suck at graphics really bad... I always have people make them for me :p
  8. goodboy133

    goodboy133 New Member

    I'm not too bad at it I guess :)
  9. NickyP

    NickyP New Member

    Well I'm not that bad with photoshop, i have some photo-manipulation skills :)
  10. Danielle

    Danielle New Member

    I am very bad at it. I have never done it myself, I would much rather just pay someone else to do it for me so that I know a good job is being done.

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