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Have you ever had a domain name you really wanted?

Discussion in 'Domain Names' started by Vash, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Vash

    Vash Guest

    For me, all the good domain names I wanted were long gone. I wanted two-word domains... but every combo I could think of was taken. I had to settle for three-word domain when I launched my own web site.

    I was tracking a long list of decent domain names for two years, and none of them was ever available for grab. Every time when my hope was getting high on some almost expired domain, the next thing is it's renewed the last moment (probably auto-renewal lol). Many of these domains aren't even in use nor for sale... what a waste in my opinion.

    How have you guys been doing on obtaining domain names?
  2. I got FunForums.net and I was pretty happy about it, as nowadays its almost very hard to get an easy two word memorable domain name with .com or .net. But I just got lucky I think, its short and easy too with two english words.
  3. ghostwheel

    ghostwheel Guest

    I've been amassing domain names for over a decade and I have to admit to just wasting a lot of money for most of them as I eventually let them expire after a year or two (either due forgetting to renew or just lack of interest)

    The one I regret losing is nowregister.com ages ago when I forgot to renew (it's no longer mine and some other fellow has hold of it instead). It was easier to forget managing domain back then things were a lot more manual and costly.

    Back in 2002, I was bidding for a 3 letter .com domain - this was a proper domain with no digits or symbols. Unfortunately, I was at work and had to leave the office at the closing minutes so I placed a last winning bid of £2100; when I got back home I found somebody marginally out bidded me and won it instead! (grrr...hate bid snipers)
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2014
  4. Vash

    Vash Guest

    @ ghostwheel,
    Unintentionally lose a domain due to expiration is not possible these days. Nowadays all the registrars have automatically renewal and they'd send you dozens emails to remind you of renewal if you have not set it so.

    Bidding at the last moment is the oldest trick lol. Aren't all bids ending with last minute bid whether they are online auction or not? :) To bad you couldn't be using a computer at work when it happened.
  5. ghostwheel

    ghostwheel Guest

    I'm glad that things have moved forward from the days when I used to use Network Solutions and paid an extortionate amount.

    :oops: I was a little green back then with ebay - wasn't even aware of bid snipping back then as well. The boss was just closing the office and I thought I had the domain name within my grasp, when I switched on the computer at home I went "Noooooooo!"
  6. t0rnad0

    t0rnad0 Guest

    There are so many good domain names that I've wanted and they were already taken. The worst part is that the majority of them don't even get used and it's a complete waste. You shouldn't be able to hold onto a domain forever without using it.
  7. SeanM

    SeanM Guest

    Well if you consider that all the domains that I would really want are completely out of my price range, then no...
  8. Delusional

    Delusional Guest

    I have my own name so that's nice. I always wanted only my last name but someone else is currently using it. So I'm waiting to take it from him/her whenever he/she releases it.
  9. haynes11

    haynes11 Guest

    I reckon if you had the funds and you looked hard enough on the domain bidding/auction sites, you could flip some of the .com/net's with 3 - 5 letters, for way more than they go for (considering that it's a lot of money anyway).
  10. Danielle

    Danielle New Member

    Yeah same with me. Most of the good ones are gone now. It kind of stinks too because I"m sure that we could end up doing much better things with the good ones.
  11. kmpisces

    kmpisces New Member

    It can be frustrating when you cannot obtain the domain name you really want. I have been able to obtain all the main names I have wanted. There have been some names I wanted just for fun projects that I haven't been able to get.

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