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Hostmybytes.com | Self managed hybrid dedicated server starting @$25 only

Discussion in 'VPS / VDS Hosting Offers' started by hmb-kevin, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. hmb-kevin

    hmb-kevin New Member

    Our Sales, Support, and Billing teams are available 24/7 365!

    Email : sales@HostmyBytes.com or A 24*7 Live chat service

    We created HostMyBytes in 2014 to fill our own needs for excellent hosting services. Then we decided to share our vision, processes and high standards with the world.

    Today, HostMybytes is well over two years old. We have thousands of customers from all over the world, who every day depend on our servers and our support team to keep their projects online.

    Web hosting is what HostMyBytes does, and we strive to do it consistently better than any other company.

    Standard Features with Cloud Based Dedicated Servers

    Wide variety of OS choices with custom configurations

    Wide variety of server location choices available

    100% network uptime guarantee

    True 24 hour support

    Guaranteed data security

    30-minute ticket update

    Reverse DNS Available (On Request)

    1GBPS Network port

    Cloud based Dedicated Server plans

    Link : http://www.hostmybytes.com/hybrid-server.php

    CPU : Intel Atom 2758 (8 Cores 2.4 GHz)

    RAM : 8GB

    Hard Disk : 200GB Or 120 GB SSD

    Cores : 2 x 2.4 GHz

    Traffic : 10TB

    IP address : 5

    Price: $25/Month

    Order Link : https://clients.hostmybytes.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=155

    CPU : Intel Atom 2758 (8 Cores 2.4 GHz)

    RAM : 16GB

    Hard Disk : 400GB or 256 GB SSD

    Cores : 4 x 2.4 GHz

    Traffic : 10TB

    IP address : 5

    Price: $45/Month

    Order Link : https://clients.hostmybytes.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=158

    CPU : Intel Xeon E3-1240V3 ( 3.4 GHz)

    RAM : 8GB

    Hard Disk : 200 GB or 120 GB SSD

    Traffic : 10TB

    IP address: 5

    Price: $30

    Order Link : https://clients.hostmybytes.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=156

    CPU : Intel Xeon E3-1240V3 ( 3.4 GHz)

    RAM : 16GB

    Hard Disk : 400 GB or 256 GB SSD

    Traffic : 10TB

    IP address: 5

    Price: $55

    Order Link : https://clients.hostmybytes.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=157

    Payment Options

    All Major credit cards



    Visit our Website: http://www.hostmybytes.com/ to learn more.

    Our terms of Services: http://www.hostmybytes.com/terms-of-service/

    Privacy Policy: http://www.hostmybytes.com/privacy-policy/

    For sales related questions, please contact us at sales@HostmyBytes.com or use our 24*7 Live chat service.


    Best Secured, Affordable and Reliable Shared, VPS and Dedicated Servers.

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