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Is running your own web server still popular?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vash, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. Vash

    Vash Guest

    I remember once upon a time there were quite some fairly popular web sites running out of someone's basement. Basically, those guys were hosting their web sites on their own servers on something like a SDSL connection. In my personal opinion, it saves quite some money in the long run if your web site requires a dedicated server to host. On the top of that, you are in control of everything. It is easier and faster to do backups etc.

    Are there still people doing this?
    Do you think it's a better opinion compare to host your web site on some web host companies' server?
  2. SimplySidy

    SimplySidy Guest

    If resources were available and, of course, affordable + reliable, I would definitely have given this a try. Unfortunately, given the circumstances and situations I am in, this is a distant thing to achieve. I personally know - http://www.sainfosysindia.com/ was self hosted - until 2008 (unsure if they still do it that way) - as I was staying in the building where they have their web server.

    I do know a guy in US, by the name Thomas K, who has been doing this for a few years now - this guy hosts the server for my client and yes, his rates are a little higher that many other providers.
  3. OhioTom76

    OhioTom76 Guest

    I wouldn't think of doing something like that these days. I've heard horror stories of people's personal installations of WAMP and XAMPP getting completely hacked and turned into zombie computers as part of a larger botnet, since they didn't really know how to set up and secure them properly.

    Also, since most sites these days are run off of stuff like Wordpress, they are more resource intense, which can easily slow an average system down that is not optimized to handle a lot of connections.

    Plus, when you are using a web host, you don't have to invest in equipment to back up everything.
  4. Vash

    Vash Guest

    Well, consider the cost of renting a dedicated server from one of the major web hosts... It's usually in the range of $200~300 a month... I think it is a little too much unless your web site is pulling in tons of revenue to cover it.

    System requirements for a web server isn't all that high unless you are running a major site which get millions viewers a month. Just take a look at the hardware specifications of the dedicated servers offered by major web hosts and you'd see lol. They are really nothing special... often low budget to middle range hardware.
    You can afford such hardware with the cost of 2~3 month's payment to rent such server. The higher cost would be the internet connection. It is most likely you will need SDSL for high upload speed and it is not cheap but still much cheaper than the cost of renting a dedicated web server.

    I understand the security risk. However, is it truly safer with web host companies?
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2014
  5. Stefan

    Stefan Guest

    Self-hosting is ok only if you really know what you're doing and have good knowledge about system security and, of course, a good internet connection. If any of those 3 things are missing, you will regret for doing this thing.
    Yes, it's a great way to learn and improve your skills, but I wouldn't like to do that at the cost of my website's information.
  6. SimplySidy

    SimplySidy Guest

    That is quite true. When I was staying in the same building as them, they told me that the only big investments were the Computer, 24x7 Power and the Dedicated lines for being online. Yes, this particular one did not need a big and separate hardware purchase as they are into Hardware Sales and also, they did not give out space for hosting other sites. So a smaller Hard disk seemed more than enough.
  7. SimplySidy

    SimplySidy Guest

    As far as my knowledge goes, XAMPP and WAMPP are not used to run web servers. They arent meant for those and as such, if anyone wishes or uses them as the Web Server, arent they making a mistake at the outset ?

    If anyone wishes to opt for multi site hosting then I do think that they should start off with multi-processor and high capacity RAM to start with.
  8. Brad

    Brad Guest

    It would be too hard to persuade customers/clients to come to your host as there are so many around at the moment, not to mention the amount of money it would cost.
  9. SeanM

    SeanM Guest

    nope, everyone's lazy now, and with websits like fiverr, running a web server is really cheap, so next to no-one is doing it by themselves anymore, thats what I think.
  10. bauss

    bauss Guest

    It's too much of a hassle to set up your own server, and to go out any buy one. It's cheaper just to rent a server, and that's why I think it's not very popular these days.
  11. averus

    averus Guest

    I guess it's a good solution for small sites, like blogs.
    But in the end it's probably better to rent servers, like the others suggested. It's easier.

    The only scenario in which I would run my own server would be for learning purposes.

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