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Is this where most of your traffic comes from

Discussion in 'Google Forum' started by kmpisces, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. kmpisces

    kmpisces New Member

    I know that all the major search engines are important. You need to optimize for them all. But I put a heavy focus on Google. Why? Because the majority (large majority) of my search engine traffic comes from them.
  2. Jamie75

    Jamie75 New Member

    Google is the most used one, so if you want traffic, google is the one you need to choose. Bing and other ones are alright, but you can't get an audience as you can with google, since 90% of people use it.
  3. derekuu

    derekuu New Member

    Do you think more people come from Bing or Yahoo? When looking at them next in comparison to Google. I don't pay much attention to those states for my website.
  4. RH-Calvin

    RH-Calvin Member

    Definitely Google provides the maximum traffic as it receives the maximum searches online. Therefore selecting the right keywords for your domain and building your rank in Google will help to grow your business more.
  5. wins sol

    wins sol New Member

    google is very use ful search engine therefore many people use google.

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