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Life after death?

Discussion in 'The Debates' started by Hora, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. Hora

    Hora New Member

    some people says that there is a life after death
    but some dont belive on it
    some says this life is only life
    some says we are randomly selected people
    we are from start and will b there at the end
    some says there is no past no future only "present" Happy so life is present
    some says "here is the key" means here (present) is the key so wot is life after death
    please take part in discussion :) only serious people
  2. Xertez

    Xertez New Member

    Your asking what is life after death? Sorry but your probably going to get a better answer out of a dead guy than from someone in the "living realm".
  3. Vulk

    Vulk New Member

    Only God knows where we will end up. Hopefully in his plac called heaven.
  4. HyperActive

    HyperActive New Member

    I hate thinking about death, God chooses the place where we will end up, We don't know of course, because we're still alive, but I can imagine it.
  5. Jordan

    Jordan New Member

    There has to be life after you die otherwise what's the point in the world?
  6. FTON

    FTON New Member

    I don't think there's life after death.
  7. JimmysNetwork

    JimmysNetwork New Member

    I hate thinking about it but, there is no way to tell honestly. I would love to think that there is life after death, but there is simply no reason to worry about it if no one can really be sure there is or isn't. It would be cool though coming back as something else :p
  8. yillb

    yillb New Member

    If there was a life after death, someone woulda found out about it by now. All these "near death " experiences, and people who claim they can talk to the dead, zombie movies, and people who " see the light " . It's all a bunch of b/s
  9. Toxique

    Toxique New Member

    Well we can get a good feeling of where we will end up with the actions that we do right now.
  10. zhivago6

    zhivago6 New Member

    That is exactly what the squirrel was thinking when I hit him with my car this morning.:D
  11. Jimmy

    Jimmy New Member

    It's either heaven or hell.
  12. zhivago6

    zhivago6 New Member

    Or neither. Did you ever know someone who got brain damage? It is horrible because they are not the same person they were before the damage. It is not that they are slow or that they are like a child, they become someone else (with less abilities), and the reason is that who you are resides in your brain. If you have some other part of you that controls your thoughts, a soul or whatever you want to call it, then damaging your brain should not change who you are, but it does. If you damage your brain to the point when it no longer works you will stop existing, and the complicated chemical processes that happen in your brain will not magically start working without the chemicals and tissue.

    Quite frankly, I find it silly to suggest otherwise.
  13. Toxique

    Toxique New Member

    He must be in a better place right now... right? :mask:
  14. Electric Shock

    Electric Shock New Member

    I am actually a "?" in questions such as these.

    I do not believe in either of the after realms. Life is life, live now, death is after, think after.
  15. Jimmy

    Jimmy New Member

    So, you're an Atheist?
  16. Electric Shock

    Electric Shock New Member

    I am not a strict atheist but I do not believe in the afterlife.
  17. goodboy133

    goodboy133 New Member

    "Death is only the beginning"
  18. Jimmy

    Jimmy New Member

    A lot of people don't.
  19. winrar

    winrar New Member

    There is life after death I guess.I have several stories that prove so.
  20. nolvorite

    nolvorite New Member

    I believe in a life after death, I just don't think people who say they've had some sort of "near-death experience". I would think they're probably hallucinating

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