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Looking for a paying job

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by tryebluefan, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. tryebluefan

    tryebluefan New Member

    First of all, admins, if this is not the correct place to put this, then feel free to delete it. Most promotion forums are set up this way, seeking staff in the main forum then the sub forum is for people wanting work. I was confused because basically you have two forums doing the same thing.

    Anyway, if this is allowed in this forum, I have over 10 years experienced in being an admin on successful forums. Over five years of that 10, being forum manager over several forums. I was once employed for 4 years doing 20 separate forums for an employer. So I can multi-task.

    Looking for paying jobs only. One forum or several, it doesn't matter to me. Most of my experience is with the sports niche, however, I do have other forums now. Most forums are ran the same way.

    Have over 10 years experience with vBulletin and admincp.Have experience with Xenforo and IP Board.

    I work with and encourage staff. Deal with problems with staff and posters, and remove spammers. I can post several times a day.

    Also have a ringing endorsement from my former boss as well if needed.

    Contact me.
  2. True

    True New Member

    Sorry to say, but this isn't exactly the best forum to be looking for a job. You might be able to join the Community Team here, though, if you ask Timper. Therist definitely could use an extra helping hand on fending off the bot army!
  3. tryebluefan

    tryebluefan New Member

    ok I was not sure if this was the right forum. Was not intentional.
  4. True

    True New Member

    Well it is in the right section, I just mean this site isn't really made up of people looking for admins.

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