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looking for nice ssd reseller

Discussion in 'Reseller Hosting' started by McAuliffe, May 9, 2017.

  1. McAuliffe

    McAuliffe Member

    I was browsing the web and looking for some nice ssd web hosts found kvchosting.com.
    Do you know anything about this web host?
    Where can I read customer hosting reviews about them?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Americation

    Americation Member

    What are the renewal terms and fees? Know that if you are a first-time subscriber, you will likely sign up at a discounted rate that the changes when you renew your contract – make sure that you know the full ramifications.
  3. robert4u

    robert4u New Member

    There are many hosting companies which provide ssd hosting, any reason you are looking for ssd?
  4. Zennous

    Zennous Member

    I would recommend you to have a look at hostwinds.com - they appears to be one of the most fast growing and popular host.

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