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Mac, Windows, or Linux?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by haze, Aug 2, 2012.

Which one is best?

  1. Windows

  2. Mac

  3. Linux

  1. haze

    haze New Member

    Which is best and why? Give reason.

    I say Windows, since it's the easiest to use and also one of the oldest of the 3 out there. Every release of a new OS of theirs gets better and worse, but who cares?
  2. MinecraftGeek

    MinecraftGeek New Member

    I will give my reasons on Mac and Linux:
    Mac my *1: I have a mac and it is so simple to use I could never go back to windows.
    Linux my *2: It has the ability to run BackTrack on it which is my favorite tool.

  3. haze

    haze New Member

    What is BackTrack, MCG?
  4. MinecraftGeek

    MinecraftGeek New Member

    It's a really awesome coding tool for Linux I only use it for downloading the Linux apps.
  5. Drake

    Drake New Member

  6. haze

    haze New Member

    Added a poll.

    Please vote.
  7. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Windows as it is fast, easy to use and easily customizable.
  8. iPhonefreak

    iPhonefreak New Member

    Mac!!! It's been around for a lot longer then windows, and it's safe and optimized for performance!
  9. Roach

    Roach New Member

    Windows for me without a doubt however I am starting to like Linux as well - mainly Ubuntu.
  10. zonfibra

    zonfibra New Member

    Windows of course.
  11. jacktheking

    jacktheking New Member

    I voted for windows as I have been using it for ages! I heard a lot of Linux now day. If Windows dont work hard, Linux will surpass windows one day.
  12. lookforuu

    lookforuu New Member

    So far I've just used Windows for PC and laptop, I ain't that sure if mobile system is also counted, because I'm using iphone. I think I like Windows, since I've just got used to it, for so long. Linux and Mac might be good too, maybe some day will check them. :)
  13. Adamwells

    Adamwells New Member

    Mac all the way, for the fast connectivity and ease of use...mainly because I have mac ;P
  14. MeshCollider

    MeshCollider New Member

    Linux is the best, followed by windows and mac is by far far far the worst. mac is a noobs os, linux allows much better "hacks" and customisation.
  15. AdrianG001

    AdrianG001 New Member

    I try to answer this question from different perspectives and priorities.

    1. Which OS would make the user become smarter when using overtime? Linux > Mac OS > Windows
    2. Which OS dominated the office? Windows > Mac > Linux
    3. Which OS is free? Linux
    4. Which OS is easier to install? Windows > Mac OS > Linux
    5. Which OS is better for the kids? Linux (Sugar) > Mac OS > Windows. I threw a Ubuntu CD to my 7 year old son and he was able to get the computer up and running by himself, now he’s in 5th grade and is the tech support since 4th grade in his class.
    6. Which OS has better GUI? Mac OS > Windows > Linux (well try out Deepin, it’s really advanced)
    7. Which OS is better for back-end software developers? Linux > Mac OS > Windows
    8. Which OS is better for front-end software developers? Mac OS > Linux > Windows
    9. Which OS is better for C# and .Net developers? Windows > Linux > Mac OS
    10. Which OS may transform user to become software developers? Linux > Mac OS > Windows
    11. Which OS will become slower after a certain time of use? Windows > Mac OS > Linux
    12. Which OS has better technical support? Windows = Mac OS > Linux
    13. Which OS can run on more different kind of hardware (CPU)? Linux > Windows > Mac OS
    14. Which OS comes with the most efficient editor? Linux (VI) > Mac OS > Windows Yes, VI is the most efficient editor and it is good for drafting research papers.
    15. Which OS is for gamers? Windows > Linux > Mac OS
    16. Which OS will make the user be addicted? Linux > Mac OS > Windows
    17. Which OS cost more? Mac OS > Windows > Linux (free)
    18. Which OS gives the best user experience? Mac OS > Linux > Windows (Changes too often without much of an improvement, only makes the things worse).

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