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[MC]Team wars now hiring a coding team!

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Guest, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    This is for a minecraft server!!!But coding is needed for plugins or website/forums!

    As of now the server will be hiring players to be part of the coding team.you may ask WHAT is the coding team?well the coding team is basically a team of people that know how to write java,html and etc. that can help us on plugins,website issues and etc.
    The coding team will be awarded a title of their own in game and will have commands like moderators.These people will be also awarded in game money for currency and maybe items.
    Would you like to be part of the coding team?LEAVE AN APPLICATION!
    Copy the following application and make a new post in the moderator section answering the questions!

    1.Your age and occupation(job,hs,uni,colle,etc)
    2.Your timezone
    3.What can you do for us?(make plugins,website issues etc.)
    4.Past experience in coding or scripting(show example if possible)
    5.How long have you been doing this?
    6.How can we reach you?(email,MSG,XBL,PSN)
    7.What would you want in return?(OTHER THAN THE TITLE AND FEATURES YOU GET)

    *IMPORTANT*Your application may take up to 2-3 days after submiting,In the mean time it is good to get vouches for yourself.Get people from the server to go on your application and say why You should get the job!

    *NOTICE*Please leave any examples of past work you have done in java,scripting,plugins etc.
  2. Kamarcach

    Kamarcach New Member

    Thankyou for the inquirys and responses we have a nice team now...still need a graphic artist...and Yeah hoegarden you are more than welcome to JOIN

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