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Paid Or Free Hosting

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by totlebot, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. totlebot

    totlebot New Member

    I say paid hosting is the best :) because free never keep their promise up they always have downtime and the server crashing for a alot of client but paid you have at least little trust :)
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  2. IdioEspalon

    IdioEspalon New Member

    Paid hosting has it's obvious advantages, but for the people with empty pockets (me :p ), free hosting is perfect. :)
  3. domainer50

    domainer50 New Member

    You get what you pay for, pay nothing, get nothing. IMHO
  4. Fewski

    Fewski New Member

    Paid is the best, but free is good if it's just a personal type website.
  5. TopHosting

    TopHosting New Member

    Free doesn't stay longer but paid. .you can trust them not for all the companies. Also now a days it is has became tough to choose a hosting company for a website. All are not dependable.
  6. WatchOut

    WatchOut New Member

    Paid hosting for sure!!

    I'm currently hosting with XZORBIX, and so far I've been hosting for a whole month they are pretty cheap, and yet there's been 100% uptime.. Really great host..
  7. King Liquid

    King Liquid New Member

    Paid Webhosting, they care about you and they do what they can to keep you with them.
  8. TopHosting

    TopHosting New Member

    Paid hosting also gives you more priority in support rather than free hosting users. And they tries their best to satisfy the paid customers satisfactions. And the value is different.. of a paid member rather than free member. :)
  9. googoos0ng

    googoos0ng Guest

    i totally agree with you. If you use a free hosting don't expect anything more than that and, most of all, it's easier that problems might occur and server crashes. I'd recommend paid ones, if you want to make something of quality and feel more safe.
  10. scout01

    scout01 Guest

    The only time I use free hosting is for personal stuff, maybe trying out WordPress templates. Uptime is not guaranteed so you'll get many intermittent delays while working on the site. 000Webhost and x10Hosting are the one's I've used in the past.
  11. There is a common adage "you get what you pay for". Hosting is very cheap right now and for less than $20 in some cases you can get hosting and a domain for 1 year. Free hosts don't offer reliable services and provide bad quality domains. I highly recommend a paid host. Do some research and look around to see what you can afford.
  12. djpoint2

    djpoint2 Guest

    My vote is always for the paid hosting as you can't trust a free hosting in the long run. Although you may start with free hosting if you are short on funds but at the first instance when you get the initial hosting money then the first thing you should do is to buy the paid hosting package as it'll give you peace of mind and you won't have to worry about your sites disappearing one morning without any notice.
  13. I personally would go for free, but realistically I do think paid gets more benefits. It is true paid is more trust worthy so that a lone is always the main reason to go for it.
  14. LindaKay

    LindaKay Guest

    I definitely think paid hosting is worth it. There are some really low prices out there, but you get no ads, a more reliable server, more services and tools, etc. I would definitely skip the free hosting for pretty much anything, even a personal blog. Some people have been really successful with free sites, though.
  15. When it comes to free hosting sites, that just what you are free with no backing, at least with paid sites you have some since of surpport, if needed. Here my list of 3 low costing sites.

    . Go daddy.com
    . Fatcow.com
    . Justhost.com
  16. sidd230

    sidd230 Guest

    Paid is always better. The hosting market is so cheap, there is no reason to not get a paid host. Its a much better service.
  17. shanatron

    shanatron Guest

    I really see no point in free hosting. Paid hosting is so cheap these days and you get a better service. I pay about 5dlls a month for basic hosting and have 4 sites on that server. No problems yet.
  18. Kellykr09

    Kellykr09 Guest

    Paid is better. I believe that when you pay for a certain product, you are entitled to certain things. You can't really complain when you're not paying for anything. The only thing you have to be careful about, is scams.
  19. SimplySidy

    SimplySidy Guest

    many a times Free Hosting is great for learning. But on many other occasions, it doesnt help rather it becomes a constraint. Like when I was starting out, there was this free hosting which did allow - PHP, HTML, CSS but did not have any database. So I could not learn PHP and Database live as I had expected.

    For professional sites, definitely, free hosting is crap and never preferable. Also, they dont allow you your own URLs many a times and all SEO efforts go to them and not you just because you dont have your own URL

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