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Paid Or Free Hosting

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by totlebot, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. jfab

    jfab Guest

    I do paid hosting these days because I get to upload as much files that I wanted to. Free hosting is cool for backlinking. But if you are looking for a hosting to your main site, it's best that it's paid. It's worth your money, I have no regrets so far.
  2. LindaKay

    LindaKay Guest

    Yeah, it might be good for backlinking, but that's about it. Maybe a starter site, but I'd try to transition to paid as quickly as possible.
  3. oxpaulo

    oxpaulo Guest

    I prefer paid hosting on Bluehost, their customer service through online chats are really great. 50 dollars for a year of hosting and I've only had a few times where the site went down, but it happens on any host.
  4. flossly

    flossly Guest

    If you are serious, go with paid hosting.
    But for testing this and that, free hosting is okay. :)
  5. clearsky

    clearsky Guest

    These days you can get really cheap shared hosting with plenty of space and a good range of options, so for most people it's worth a couple of dollars a month or whatever, to get reliable hosting a decent uptime. Free hosts often display ads on your site, or severely restrict your space or bandwidth once you start getting traffic. Many hosts have introductory specials, special promo codes or crazy sales, so you can always find a cheap host to sign up with. If you're not familiar with the company, try it for a month if they have that option, then pay for a longer period to get a better deal.
  6. Stefan

    Stefan Guest

    Obviously, a paid hosting is far better than a free one. When you pay for hosting, you know for sure that they won't touch your website for as long as you paid. On the other hand, when you choose for free hosting, you can expect at any moment for you website to disappear. Not to mention the uptime you get on a paid hosting and on a free hosting.
  7. Agnesia

    Agnesia Guest

    If is a personal page then free should do!

    If you want to sell or to develop a brand, definitely paid hosting. If you want to be found by customers you need good SEO and it can be done on paid hosting. Plus are many search engines like google or yahoo, who doesn't accept free hosting sites.
  8. averus

    averus Guest

    I've had nothing but troubles with free hosting sites.
    I googled and found that 110mb is the best free hosting site, so I started a forum via 110mb.com

    I was lucky that it was just a test project, and nothing serious, because 90% of the time the site was down, I couldn't log in etc.

    Paid hosting = good hosting. Definitely!
  9. dieselfit

    dieselfit Guest

    Free hosting is great for learning, as many people already mentioned here. Paid hosting you get what you paid for, which is obvious. You may lose the work you put in with free hosting. I've yet to see a free hosting site that does better than paid hosting. So paid hosting all the way!
  10. Alien

    Alien Guest

    Paid web hosting is the best because it can offer unlimited space and so much great stuff that you really need to make your website presentable.

    Free hosting offers so little that at some point in time, you will have to transfer the contents of your website to a better paid hosting service. Trust me, I have used free hosting and I hate it a lot.
  11. Brad

    Brad Guest

    Paid is the best, especially when you can find a reliable host. With free hosting there is basically constantly a high risk of your site going down as most free hosts don't care.
  12. diprod

    diprod Guest

    If it's going to be for your main site, paid hosting will serve you well. Plus it's more professional than the free ones. I only really suggest to use the free hosting for backlinks.
  13. bauss

    bauss Guest

    I find it hard to trust free hosts, so I usually just go with paid hosts unless I'm hurting for cash.
  14. jubvman

    jubvman Guest

    By free hosting, I assume you mean sites such as Blogger and Weebly. I've never used these platforms so can't really comment on the downtime and customer support etc.

    The thing I hate most about these free hosting platforms is how unprofessional the domain looks when they add their own extension such as: 'yourdomain.weebly.com'.

    Apart from that, I think the free hosting platforms are great for people just starting out, getting to grips with simple web designing and all that.
  15. Delusional

    Delusional Guest

    I use a paid hosting service. I pay for the uptime and speed. The costs is extremely low compared to others ($10/y for 1.5GB of space and 20GB of bandwith including a domain name). I have several sites with that hosting company and they have several promotions where I have been able to get free domain names.
  16. I tried free hosting. Either way too slow or too many animated ads. Definitely not worth the headaches. So I have stuck with paid hosting since.

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