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Powerful and Effective Dedicated Hosting with All Best Features + 200 IP Addresses | Location: USA

Discussion in 'Dedicated Hosting Offers' started by rf-harris, Feb 12, 2016.

  1. rf-harris

    rf-harris Member

    Dedicated SEO Hosting will take you one step ahead than the shared hosting environment. With our Dedicated hosting you will definitely get the appropriate level of safety, uptime and speed which you were on the lookout for your hosting provider. Rankfirsthosting.com gives a perfect web hosting choice for high traffic websites with its Dedicated SEO Hosting packages. Providing you an optimized web hosting experience with its powerful and adaptable Dedicated Hosting plan, RankFirstHosting, is always prepared to deliver the best to its clients.

    We at the moment are offering 3 dedicated hosting plans, you can find details of these plans in the image below.

    Following are the features we provide:

    Free Migrations:
    We offer free of charge migration facility from your current web host to Rankfirsthosting.com Dedicated hosting plan. As soon you register with Rankfirsthosting.com SEO hosting, we will move all of your information and sites from your current host with zero down time, free of charge.

    Customized Solution:
    Considering your business desires, we will create a completely personalized hosting plan for you. With the aid of our staff of experts and unparallel support of our professionals we can easily construct a dedicated server with total control, customized settings, dedicated installation and the greatest amount of overall flexibility.

    Enterprise Class Hardware:
    Our dedicated servers are equipped with high end processors, most innovative hardware and fully reliable network system.

    Remote Reboot and Remote Access:
    All of our dedicated servers are equipped with remote reboot and KVM. Our Dedicated hosting helps you to have access to your server from anywhere around the world at anytime you need. You will have total control over your hosting server from any location with our KVM access feature.

    We offer PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express for Payments.

    Datacenter Location: 1. California 2. Michigan

    Website: https://www.rankfirsthosting.com/
    Email: support(at)rankfirsthosting.com
    Phone: +1 718 414 6543

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