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Reasons Why Yahoo Isn't as Successful as Google

Discussion in 'Yahoo Forum' started by SeanM, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. SeanM

    SeanM Guest

    Google saw the importance of always moving forward, and branching out. They also saw the importance of young new innovative minds, they run a summer long internship camp every year to attract the brightest young minds all over the country, they invest heavily in other sectors of technology such as software engineering. They even purchased Motorolla so they are now phone manufacturers, Yahoo has stayed stagnant, they only focus on their ad revenues generated by there Email and IM services as well as their Search Engine.
  2. oxpaulo

    oxpaulo Guest

    Google simplified everything in the search engine game. Their algorithms are just way more sophisticated too, it's just a better experience.
  3. web girl

    web girl New Member

    I have to agree with you. I do think that's the problem that Yahoo faced and it honestly has killed them. I"m sure that there are a decent amount of people who still visit the site, but it's not even close to Google.
  4. JohnyMicheal

    JohnyMicheal New Member

    I think it is really the name that does the trick. I mean, google is very easy to use, it is a big database, clean and nice, but it still has the name, right?
  5. derekuu

    derekuu New Member

    I just think Google is superior to Yahoo. I find that their Search engine results are much better. I find that their email service works better and is more professional. They just do an all around great job.
  6. SamJa

    SamJa New Member

    I like yahoo more, so i think it depends upon a person, not the engine

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