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Review my funny video and arcade site..

Discussion in 'Website Reviews' started by isti, Nov 14, 2007.

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  1. isti

    isti New Member

    Hello friends,

    I have been doing web site design for quite a long time and as you can see from my previous posts that I have completed lots of sites.. I always post here about my sites to get some reviews and comments but unfortunately though you visit those sites but never put any comment on my thread. :confused:

    Anyway.. Now I have something new for you...

    VideosBix.com is my new funny video site where you can watch the latest and most funny videos online and also you can download youtube, google etc. videos using the video downloader. Hope this will help you a lot and sure you will have something to enjoy there....

    Also I have a new online arcade game site at GamesBix.com where you will find the best quality games on categories like arcade, adventure, puzzle, sports and many more.. I will be updating the site and adding more games to it so keep visiting... :cool:

    Please visit my sites and comment on them which will help me to improve the performance .. ENJOY :D
Thread Status:
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