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Should Obama be removed from office?

Discussion in 'The Debates' started by Devin Farmer, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. Devin Farmer

    Devin Farmer New Member

    This has been a question many people are asking/thinking about.
    "Should Obama be removed from office?"
    In my own opinion I believe he should be removed because he has broke many rules that he shouln't have broke. I mean I understand if he had broke one rule, but he has broke many other rules than just one. So as a United States citizen, I would have to say, "Yes he should be removed."

    Now I am curious to know what everyone else thinks. Should Obama be removed? Yes or No?
  2. Danielle

    Danielle New Member

    I don't think so. Trump is running for President and said that he is able to grab women because he's famous. And I know that this was said a long time ago, but in order to run for president this is something that should have never come out of his mouth. Also, he has no idea what he's doing, so I don't think that he should even be a candidate.

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