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Stable Servers in LA?

Discussion in 'Servers and Hosting' started by Costdzu, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. Costdzu

    Costdzu New Member

    I would like to help my client regarding the choice of web host offering servers in Los Angeles.
    What can you say about Losangelesdedicated.net reliability?
    Found them via Google search. How is their uptime, support, stability?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. tanzmann

    tanzmann New Member

    If you are in search of quality server provider you can trust ChicagoVPS.net servers. They are reputable host with affordable pricing, solid dedicated servers and stable network. Support is always ready to help and armed with knowledge.
  3. Labourer

    Labourer Member

    Please share your specs demands
  4. Baylor

    Baylor New Member

    I think you should have more reliable names and choose the suitable one. Take a look at Newpush service. Their servers are very stable. Support is a genuine 24/7 and responses are always within a few minutes, often with a full solution.
  5. Wearing

    Wearing New Member

    I suppose you need to compare offers to make a proper choice. My suggestion is Aspnix server solutions. You will get performance servers with enterprise hardware, solid networking and skilled team.
  6. Rocky Marchiano

    Rocky Marchiano New Member

    Taking into account your needs can recommend HostDepot.com servers.
    Their servers are very stable. They are good, real good!
    I highly recommend them, especially if you are looking for feature-rich and affordable hosting solutions.

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