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Discussion in 'The Debates' started by Thiizic, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. Thiizic

    Thiizic Futurist

    Whats up Postial!

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  2. Deathstarr

    Staff Member Administrative Moderator Premium

    Personally, I have never taken a drug. However, I do not believe is is the place of the government to tell someone that they cannot do so on their own free will. While I do not do drugs, nor do I plan on it, I am all for the legalization and responsible use of drugs.
  3. Thiizic

    Thiizic Futurist

    What makes you turned off of drugs?

    and I agree the government shouldn't be able to choose what we can and cannot do.
  4. Deathstarr

    Staff Member Administrative Moderator Premium

    I would call it a control issue. I don't like not being in control of myself. I don't even like to drink. :-/
  5. ProfessorJP

    ProfessorJP New Member

    Drugs have had a major influence over my life. I've smoked quite a bit of pot to calm myself down in situations where I probably would have killed someone. Then again I use to have a lot of anger issues in my younger days...

    Eventually I cleaned myself up though, and I no longer am involved with those kind of substances. I believe that drugs should be legal under the same restrictions that alcohol is under.
  6. Electric Shock

    Electric Shock New Member

    Look at my avatar, then you know what I am gonna say.
  7. Xige Time

    Xige Time New Member

    I personally actually hate the fact that we don't have a "choice" to try them or not, being a smoker of cannabis on occasions all the bull about moving onto harder drugs in not true from my experience, not once have I said yes to taking a harder drug, even when put in front of me, which has happened more than I'd like to admit.

    Drugs such as cannabis are just teenage and relax experimental drugs... They do nothing to addict you and don't have that much of an impact on your health and or life.

    Harder drugs, such as coke, crack, meth and heroin are different, of course. I despise these and anyone who takes them. Anyone who says they were forced or peer-pressured is just weak...

    I think we should have the right to decide to experiment or not.
  8. robertson123

    robertson123 New Member

    I don't like drugs as i have seen many of my friends go through really bad times on drugs i myself i like a drink of beer now and then.I don't take any drugs although people may class alcohol as a drug i do not and the same goes for that cigarets are also a drug
  9. Thiizic

    Thiizic Futurist

    well actually alcohol IS a drug.

    A substance that has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body, in particular.

    Same with advil, caffeine, etc.
  10. robertson123

    robertson123 New Member

    Wow really i did not know that alcohol was a drug i had an idea i just never believed it.I see where your coming from so anything you take inhale or inject that gives you a buzz is a drug
  11. NecroWolf

    NecroWolf New Member

    Caffeine is considered a mood altering drug, that's why Mormons are forbidden to drink tea or coffee.

    I think the problem with this particular question is the vague term "drugs". I don't have a problem with mild drugs like cannabis and alcohol, but hard drugs are a different story entirely. I have had friends overdose and die on some of these hard drugs, friends who were quite young. Almost forgot, I even had a friend die from alcohol poisoning one time. Of course, he had issues though so it wasn't much of a surprise when it happened. So honestly thinking of that I'm not sure what to say about drugs. It has to be on the individual. Some people really shouldn't do them but who's to dictate this?

    I need to give this more thought.
  12. wasi90lk

    wasi90lk New Member

    I actually no opinion on drugs, since I do not do drugs.

    Obviously drugs are bad for our health, so I say drugs should be banned.
  13. Xige Time

    Xige Time New Member

    All drugs should be banned? But what about the pint down at the pub? Is that really bad?
    How about the painkiller I take when I have a headache...
    Or the sleeping pills my friend takes because he is suffering from Insomnia...

    Drugs are not bad, people that misuse drugs are the problem.
  14. Thiizic

    Thiizic Futurist

    You need to do some research.
  15. nolvorite

    nolvorite New Member

    I think marijuana use is permissible, although I don't view other drugs as favorably.
  16. Travis

    Travis New Member

    I myself do not do drugs of any kinds because i am in line for a few scholarships but i have friends that do. I dont exile them for it though.
  17. Eclipse

    Eclipse New Member

    I think they're terrible, take this for example: When celebrities do drugs (which some do), they are influencing kids to do so if they know it or not. Children and even teens look up to celebrities as role models, if they do something terrible and pull it off, that only influences the child to do it also.

    Drugs are addicting, bad for your health, and can cause lots of damage to you and others. Why would you want to take them and be addicted?
  18. Levay

    Levay New Member

    I agree with you on points, i definitely agree with exploring your mind with psychedelics. Weeds is great all round has lots of benefits! MDMA + cocaine i would consider party drugs and not worth using to explore your mind just my opinion though!
  19. Joker

    Joker New Member

    I am 100% against them because I have seen so many of my friends lives destroyed because of them. Yeah I know some are able to use them and be totally fine, which is why I don't think the Government should do a ban, but I don't think they should encourage it either by making it legal... I am in the middle on how drugs should be viewed.
  20. Bennie

    Bennie New Member

    I completely agree with this.

    I am mostly against drugs; the only exception to this is the occasional marijuana "toke". Marijuana has almost no health dangers and it even has some small benefits. I believe it should be legalized, but to an extent.
    Like all substances, drugs should only be taken in moderation so you don't damage your body.

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