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Was your first website a success?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Stefan, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Stefan

    Stefan Guest

    So I was wondering if it is possible(and probable) to get successful from your first website/project. I am currently on my first one and it's not a failure but it certainly is not a success.

    What about you?
  2. swagger

    swagger Guest

    It's possible indeed, just not very probable. You learn from your mistakes, it'll take a few tries before you'll get a successful website going. I'm sure making a successful website on your first try is possible, and has been done before.
  3. bauss

    bauss Guest

    My first website I sold for $750, so it had some success. It is definitely possible to have success off your first site, if planned out properly, but you'll make a lot more mistakes when creating your first site, and hopefully learn from them in the process.
  4. oxpaulo

    oxpaulo Guest

    If it's related to something you're passionate about then yes. My first blog was a fantasy baseball blog and I got it to about 5 dollars a day, but realized I just wasn't that into it, it felt like work after awhile. My next site was a mixed martial arts site because I was completely obsessed with it and it became very successful. Your site should be based around something you're obsessed with or else you may get bored.
  5. diprod

    diprod Guest

    I could say that my first website has some good moments and I have totally built it without any problems so I would say it was pretty successful. As for the revenue, I'm still looking forward it. Hopefully this year.
  6. SeanM

    SeanM Guest

    Heck no, you'd I can't tell you how many times I failed, but each time I failed I tried and tried again, till I got it right... now I have a little success with several of my websites.
  7. I did my first website project with a friend who's a techie. Unfortunately, we had to shut down after a few months. The content did not catch up well with the demand of the market. We realized eventually that we had to invest a lot to develop content and we just couldn't really afford it.
  8. ghostwheel

    ghostwheel Guest

    My first personal website was a forum based on a foreign MMORPG and it was a success in terms of bringing in so much traffic that my old dedicated server couldn't handle it.

    Unfortunately, I never even thought of monetising traffic back then and it eventually died a slow death through neglect (I was busy with real life and work).

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