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What are the best ways to increase traffic?

Discussion in 'SEO/ Search Engine Related Discussion' started by Hostingsource, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. I'd like to know all possible productive ways on traffic increase.
    Could you share your ideas? Got to know that forum posting, blog commenting and seo article writing services can be helpful. Is it true?
  2. SeanM

    SeanM Guest

    Youtube traffick works for me, what you do is find a video without a link, with say a few hundred thousand views, send the uploader a PM telling him you'll pay $20 to his paypal if he adds a link to his video description with yor website, 9 times out of 10 they'll agree because these are guys that just uploaded a video for fun without any plans for it to go Viral, and they never thought they'd be making money with it...
  3. bauss

    bauss Guest

    Forum posting does work, and I often use this method to increase traffic, but mostly for the backlinks for SEO benefits.
  4. garfish

    garfish Guest

    The most effective way I find is doing PPC but since its a costly way, the better solution would be to SEO the website.

    Most of the time, guest posting to a related website works great for traffic and at the same time for SEO purposes. This should be the first in your list of to dos to gain traffic.
  5. LindaKay

    LindaKay Guest

    It really depends on your niche, I suppose.

    Guest posting is a great option that can really improve your search engine rankings. You can try social media, like Facebook and Twitter, but it might take a while to get a nice following. You can also use forum posting; it's a great way to make friends in the industry, and you can link to your site in the signature. (Make sure that you're allowed to first, though...some forums have rules about that type of stuff.)
  6. diprod

    diprod Guest

    Social networking and backlinking have always been proven to be effective. You need to do it diligently though. It's a lot of work but it's totally worth it.
  7. diprod

    diprod Guest

    Instagram right now is helping me gain traffic. For some reason, just make sure you create a good hashtag and you're set! I love this new app!
  8. Tolkin

    Tolkin Guest

    I am using twitter, and I tweet the link to my website using trending hashtags. I usually get around 10-40 guests per tweet, so this could increase traffic.
  9. Rainman

    Rainman Guest

    Social bookmarking. If you're active on Reddit or Stumbleupon you're very likely to gain significant traffic from them if you stick around long enough and prove you aren't after personal gain [by submitting links to your site all the time]. You could also try posting on Question and Answer web-sites like Yahoo! Answers. You not only gain backlinks from them but users impressed by what you do would most likely visit your site to see more of the same stuff. . .
  10. averus

    averus Guest

    Content, content, content!
    That's what makes people come, and return to your site.

    Traffic exchange isn't the answer, and spamming forums and facebook users isn't either. It's all about the content.
  11. Dang Linh

    Dang Linh New Member

    • Advertisement
    • Link exchange
    • Guest posting
    • Forum Seeding
    • Social Network
  12. rf-harris

    rf-harris Member

    One of the easiest and most effective ways to increase traffic to any website is to promote it on social sites. These sites can really help you drive traffic to any webpage almost instantly.
  13. Horus

    Horus New Member

    Social media promotion
    Forum posting
    Guest posting and blogging
    Advertisement on forums that allow it
    But always stick with the motto "content is king", as content is one of the most important things in SEO marketing.
    Make sure the content you post is unique and high quality, otherwise it would make no sense.
    If you don't have the necessary skills to do it yourself then you can try using writing services like www.textun.com
  14. Danielle

    Danielle New Member

    I think that promoting your blog or whatever you want is key. That's something that I'm working on hard because it's a good way to get people talking about your site.
  15. Amber

    Amber New Member

    I do agree that it does depend on your niche. I do think that using Facebook groups is something that helps out a lot. I've used them before, and they helped me out a lot.
  16. Seth

    Seth New Member

    I would think that just promoting your site on all the places that you can think of. That's what I've always done and it's worked out pretty well for me. Just make sure that you have a good following online as well, and that should help you out.
  17. RH-Calvin

    RH-Calvin Member

    Website traffic can be increased by various on page and off page activities. Various link building techniques such as guest posting, article submission, social bookmarks and classified ads help to generate good traffic. Social media optimization also helps to generate good traffic.
  18. cloudcone

    cloudcone New Member

    Best way to get traffic could be a combination of forums, social media, email marketing, blogging and sharing content.
  19. Kamarcach

    Kamarcach New Member

    Black hat seo techniques help to rank your keywords faster in search engines and generates more traffic in shorter time. But the methods followed are not supported by Google and hence your website can get penalized for following such techniques.
  20. CharlesKes

    CharlesKes New Member

    There are Various Activites That Help in website Google Ranking and Quality Backlink Do Follow And NO-Follow Link.

    If you want to Increase the Domain Authority of your site then Forum Posting is the best Off-Page Activity. Get the quality Back link from profile and post.

    Guest post is also off page activity to targeting a new audience for your site and improves the online presence of your brand.

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