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What are the most important things you look in

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by totlebot, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. totlebot

    totlebot New Member

    When ordering a host what are the most important things you look in always look at their reviews and then ask them for an uptime status and then try to get customers from their host to tell me about them also one more and the most important thing how many years they been in business
  2. domainer50

    domainer50 New Member

    Addon domains, email accts, space, bw, and the others like fantastico etc.
  3. TopHosting

    TopHosting New Member

    I looks for the BANDWIDTH/SPACE + Addon domains adn ofcouse I check whether their support team is 24/7 or not. Now a days all are not true 24/7. So, it is bit tough.
  4. King Liquid

    King Liquid New Member

    When i see a host i want to go for, i do some research about them and maybe find some history. Plus i dont go with new hosting providers.
  5. I usually read reviews on the host I'm interested in. If they have a free trial I'll check it out. I also try to find other website owners who are using the host and see how their website runs and how they feel about it. There are many quality hosts on the web so it's not an issue finding a good one.
  6. I think first of all the features that come with the packages and then reviews of it, I'd look for all the advanced features but also the host should be reliable enough with good support system as well.
  7. The more research you can do and information that you gather the better off you will be in making your decision. Don't just jump into something because it sounds good make sure you look into it and get as much details that you can.
  8. 1. I read the reviews of the hosting company on multiple websites, in case some of them are biased.

    2. I find out how long the hosting company has been around.

    3. Find out how usable their Control Panel is.

    4. See if they have some disclaimer on who owns what and see if their policies are decent.

    5. Then finally, I compare their features and functionalists to see if they meet my needs.
  9. t0rnad0

    t0rnad0 Guest

    The first thing I do is read multiple reviews from people who've actually used the hosting company. However, I already have a small list of the best web hosting companies so whenever I need to hosting I'll just use one of the hosts I already have experience with.
  10. diprod

    diprod Guest

    Mine would be the interface of the program. It has to be easy at least easy enough for me to navigate on it. The price has to be great as well. Meaning, it doesn't have to cost me that much to avail it.
  11. SeanM

    SeanM Guest

    Well I always do a google search and look for reviews from other users, this will impact my decision of using that particular host.

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