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What sports do you play?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by haze, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. haze

    haze New Member

    Simple question. What sport do you play? Feel free to give any positions as well.

    I just love playing Basketball :)
  2. LookBehind

    LookBehind New Member

    Football/soccer w/e and rugby
  3. New God Flow

    New God Flow New Member

    Every sport known to man
  4. iSnow

    iSnow New Member

  5. WhiteMamba

    WhiteMamba New Member

    Street Hockey (for fun)
  6. haze

    haze New Member


    Then you must be real athletic o_O
  7. Swizz BeatZ

    Swizz BeatZ New Member

  8. Genesis

    Genesis New Member

    Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Karate
  9. Drake

    Drake New Member

    Then whyusofat? Lol jking anyway, Whut?
  10. Swizz BeatZ

    Swizz BeatZ New Member

    Ancient u even run track?
  11. Matt

    Matt New Member

    I play mw3 great for me to train for the Marathon, but I really run track and football.
  12. haze

    haze New Member

    lol a video game for a marathon? ok bro... o_O
  13. Matt

    Matt New Member

    Yea I know right I mean I'm feeling lucky for next years marathon ;)
  14. Drake

    Drake New Member

    Forgot to mention I run track to I did a marathon like 4 months ago.
  15. Matt

    Matt New Member

  16. haze

    haze New Member

    Nice job, Drake :D
  17. Swizz BeatZ

    Swizz BeatZ New Member

    im thinking about playing baseball

    btw drake nice going in the marathon
  18. JerseyBoy

    JerseyBoy New Member

    Football and basketball
  19. Drake

    Drake New Member


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