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WHMCS 5.3.4 Patch Released

Discussion in 'Servers and Hosting' started by FLDataTeK, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. sjr2004

    sjr2004 New Member

    Yes, However it is not so much updating as patch work and when they add a new patch a few days/weeks later a new hole appears so they add another patch.
  2. S-Jack

    S-Jack New Member

    Not everything can be perfect, I admit their code might be old but they can't upgrade it due to the addons might break
  3. sjr2004

    sjr2004 New Member

    They can upgrade and tell the people like module gardens the code so they can workon the addons. It will be bette for whmcs and other addon companies clients will have to buy the upgrade meaning more money in their pockets and a better service
  4. S-Jack

    S-Jack New Member

    Well it doesn't mean 'more money in their pockets' as they have to put time and effort in upgrading their script and some modules will only support old code "Last modified: 2009 - 2012" etc
  5. sjr2004

    sjr2004 New Member

    that is true but for those modules there could be vulnerabilities in those that have not been patched or fixed.
  6. S-Jack

    S-Jack New Member

    WHMCS would know what is better in the long run.
  7. sjr2004

    sjr2004 New Member

    Maybe so. But currently there is better products they may have less modules or addons but currently they are more secure.
  8. Licensecart

    Licensecart Certified Distributor

    You missed the security section...

    No it gets updated alot due to security issues and bugs. If you noticed 5.3.x was a bug fix version, all the ones after are to fix bugs. They've had two security patches this year to date. One on my birthday January 21st, and today 25th March, I believe they will do their next one on 29th May since there's a pattern of 2 months and 4 days.

    It's got more plugins however has been in development since they opened, the same code just addons / bug fixes. It's not advanced one bit, you had to put -1.00 in non used fields until they saw Blesta had a enable per row, and their last patch allowed you to tick a box now.

    Good reviews, before their exploits was released. I reviewed them back in 2010, and they kept it until their new Yellow website.
  9. mikho

    mikho New Member

    All applications needs updating every now and then.
  10. sjr2004

    sjr2004 New Member

    every now and then is one thing but not every few weeks or 1 time a month.
  11. S-Jack

    S-Jack New Member

    Patches are fine, its an old script you don't want to be left without

    Mike (LC)
    I didn't do security as it's not been announced yet but upgraded anyway.

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