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Why I don't worry about MSN

Discussion in 'MSN Forum' started by derekuu, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. derekuu

    derekuu New Member

    I do not worry about optimizing for MSN much. For one thing, I don't know anyone personally who uses their search engines. I know some do, but I don't think it is enough to make a different for my website. I also find that the criteria they use are quite old. I would rather focus on the modern search engines.
  2. Kristian Keefer

    Kristian Keefer New Member

    I still try to be some consideration into MSN. I sometimes feel like I get more traffic from them than Yahoo. I think if you write good content and have organic links, you can do fairly well with any of the search engines.
  3. JohnyMicheal

    JohnyMicheal New Member

    You sure can get trafic but not as much as from othrr search engines, but i would try it as well, Kristan is right

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