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Why is cPanel so Popular

Discussion in 'Servers and Hosting' started by sjr2004, Mar 23, 2014.

  1. sjr2004

    sjr2004 New Member

    Why is cPanel So popular? There are plenty of different control panels for linux servers.

    I see many host's use it but I do not see many host's using other control panels.
  2. FLDataTeK

    FLDataTeK New Member

    Its easy to use, under constant development and supported by most billing systems.
  3. mikho

    mikho New Member

    I like the old x3 theme, the settings are easy to find and as an end-user, pretty much everything works.
    This means less support tickets which is a big bonus for the provider.

    I had a VPS with Virpus when they did give out free DirectAdmin licenses and to me, that setup was confusing. One thing was as an admin you had to "sign in" as a reseller or user to see certain options.

    I have big hopes for VestaCP that looks really promising.
  4. sjr2004

    sjr2004 New Member

    I use both cPanel and Interworx. I like Interworx because it is quite simple and very easy for the end user. thanks sean
  5. Licensecart

    Licensecart Certified Distributor

    I believe cPanel design is easy for new users.
  6. S-Jack

    S-Jack New Member

    cPanel is easy and simple to use, it's straight forward and reliable.
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  7. sjr2004

    sjr2004 New Member

    I completely agree with its simplicity but to me it looks out of date unless you put a nice theme with it.
  8. RH-Calvin

    RH-Calvin Member

    CPanel is the most popular and widely used control panel for Linux based servers. It is more user friendly with lots of customizations that other control panels. So it is preferred much more than any others.
  9. FreeHost

    FreeHost New Member

    Because it's the easiest and the most features further more Security.

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