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Would you?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fewski, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. Fewski

    Fewski New Member

    Would you signup for a free hosting if they only put ads on your site 2 days out of each month?
  2. Tomar

    Tomar New Member

    nup I have never try it. for free hosting but it is good if you have any links where we can sign up. I'll lol
  3. Geoserv

    Geoserv New Member

    Never heard of that, but it would be worth checking out. Whose the host?

  4. Deaol

    Deaol New Member

    I would not allow any host free or not to put ads on my site, thats lost revenue to me :D ...

    But if it is just a personal site and not in any means going to be used to resell or have ppc ads .. than whatever.
  5. Monsturr

    Monsturr New Member

    I've never heard of that being done haha, crazyness.
  6. -Ed-

    -Ed- New Member

    to be honest. I don't like to have ads on my sites. However if i can't afford to pay for my hosting service and must use free host, then i think its ok to have ads on my sites. Nothing is free, plus ...only 2 days per month isn't bad.
  7. I guess it's not a very good idea for both parties involved: a lot of work for a host to be done, and not quite good for a client.
    I prefer cheap hosting options to free hosting, a few bucks a month isn't a lot, I'm using ahosting.biz services and they are absolutely affordable and bannerless.
  8. re_verse

    re_verse New Member

    I'll never sign up with this hosting.
  9. googoos0ng

    googoos0ng Guest

    why accepting free hosting with two ads when you can have one why none? Anyway, i wouldn't accept ads as they are really annoying.
  10. Qoelet

    Qoelet Guest

    It completely depends - how intrusive are the ads? Are the products related in any way to my content?

    More importantly, are the benefits of the hosting worth these ads? Can I get the same, or similar, elsewhere? There are plenty of free hosts that don't force ads on you.

    I'm not saying I'd never have ads on my site but as someone said above, I'd prefer the income (and control!) to be all mine.
  11. I would definitely sign up for free hosting if that was the case. If they offered quality hosting I don't see the problem. If I can display ads for the rest of the month, have free hosting, and help someone else make money then sign me up.
  12. Kester

    Kester Guest

    I would probably refuse, but with most people using some kind of ad-blocking plugin, it might not be that big of a deal.
  13. Kellykr09

    Kellykr09 Guest

    I would give it a chance, but I wouldn't go all out on it. Most likely, I wouldn't trust it. I wouldn't want certain ads running in my page. I would really have to ask myself is it worth it. Some people might not even come back to my website because of these ads. I don't know if I would want to risk it.
  14. I would only do that if hostgator or a competitor like that would do it, will never take that chance on a new host, no matter what they offer. Reliability should be the first concern I think.
  15. sidd230

    sidd230 Guest

    If it is a hobbyist project, sure. But for any kind of commercial venture, I will strictly stick to paid hosts.
  16. Stefan

    Stefan Guest

    I wouldn't. Mainly because hosting is so cheap these days that if you were to put some ads yourself on your website it would be enough for the site to pay for itself and maybe even more than that. Another reason would be that free hosts are usually not that secure or reliable.
  17. shanatron

    shanatron Guest

    Not really. As stefan has said, cheaping is super cheap these days. Throw some ads and the site will pay of itself. Also, a paid server is A LOT more reliable than free hosting. Also, some servers make backup for you.
  18. oxpaulo

    oxpaulo Guest

    In general free hosting is very unreliable unless you're talking about free blogging platforms that you're not using an original domain on like blogger or wordpress. Blogger will host your site for free actually even if you buy a custom domain, just have to follow a few easy steps.
  19. Agnesia

    Agnesia Guest

    If is for a month or so, till you build up your site and get everything ready , then I suppose is ok. I used to have a site with free hosting and many times my website was down or sometimes it didn't even load. So, if you are serious about it you should go for a paid one!
  20. Dlp92

    Dlp92 Guest

    Sounds like an interesting idea - would you know in advance which 2 days would be ad-supported, or be able to choose the days?

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